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Posted by pnolin on February 25, 2001 at 19:37:50:

In Reply to: Bus service from M,anzinillo to Zihua posted by Martin from Calgary on February 25, 2001 at 08:15:12:

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Topic:bus from manzanillo

pnolin [guest]

bus from manzanillo
Posted 2-19-2001 18:34

Does anyone know about buses from Manzanillo? Things like time of departure, prices, and
length of trip. As we do not have direct flights from Western canada, we are looking for
alternate routes

Bret in Portland [guest]

Posted 2-19-2001 19:36

We checked into it on our last trip, but didn't end up going that way. We had flown into
Guadalajara and taken the bus to Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco, and then Zihua. On the
way out, we were thinking of busing north up the coast, but ended up taking a commuter
flight instead, partly to save time, partly because we were a little "bussed out".

By bus, you almost always have to transfer in Lazaro Cardenas, so you are looking at
around 10 hours at least, depending how long you have to wait to make your connections.
If you took "Plus" class it would probably run you around $35-$45USD.

The problem is that the bus then takes up two days of your vacation. Of course, you can
also travel at night, but then you are kind of a zombie the next day. You do save the cost
of a night's hotel, though.

Acapulco is much closer, around 4 hours or less. Any chance of flying there instead of

Good luck.
Portland, Oregon

Roberto! [guest]

Bus from Manzanillo
Posted 2-19-2001 20:37

As Bret has suggested, you may wish to consider flying to Acapulco then take the bus to
ZIH. The fare from ACP - Zih is CDN $ 14.
Canada 3 has direct service to ACP from Vancouver on Monday mornings departing at 6
AM. I am waiting for the air only fares to come down and then I plan to head to ZIH that
way. With a bit of luck, I should be able to make the 3 PM bus to Zih from ACP. (It is a 4
hr. trip to ZIH from ACP).
Hopefully, Rob can access his previous message board content because there was some
information from people who had taken the bus from Manzanillo to ZIH.
If my memory serves me right, I believe it was an overnight trip leaving Manzanillo around
11 PM arriving in ZIH around 8/9 AM. The cost I cannot recall.
Nice to see this message board up 'n running again because it is a great source of
Good luck Rob.
Regards to all,

Steve in Idaho [guest]

Bus From Manzanillo
Posted 2-21-2001 04:39

pnolin I have taken the bus from Manzanillo ! The Premera Pluss Is the only bus that runs
all the way in to Zihu with out changing buses the regular buses would not be some thing
you would want to try. You are in mexico and they will not set you up with times and
conection to other buses you would most likely be stuck in Lasero Caredenas over night.
The trip on the (Plus) went this way .We had a reservation for the morning bus 5am
(there is also a afternoon bus it was at 1pm) we arived at the bus station at 4.30am
could not find the bus at 4.50 I found a man sleeping under the ticket counter , He was
the bus driver , I think he had to much to drink the night before so he had canceled the
bus ! there were others there with reservations about 5 persons total . He said that was
not enough to run the bus for us to come back for the afternoon bus. We did it ended up
leaving at 2.15 (late) . We were told the trip would take 6 Hr buy one person 8 hr by
another 10 hr buy still another . So we thought it would take 8hr(just a guess). THE TRIP
TAKES12and one half hrs.!!!! It to say the least was an interesting exper. The good side
of this trip were the real mexico that we say on the way (one village had a water tower
made of a huge steel tank on poles garden hoses ran to all the houses , the one bar and
Hotel. each place had a bell and when they rang the bell a man sitting in a lawn chair up
on the tower would turn their water on and off for them). Also we got to watch the
Beverly HIllbillies movie in Spanish, Grany was great. We were all very tired when the bus
arrived late at night in Zihu. It was a trip I will always remember and a great experiance to
share with you ! I did it once but I dont think I would do it again. If you do take the bus
let me know how it went I am sure it will be a great story. I love Mexico and its people .
Your Friend Steve in Idaho!

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