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Posted by S2B on December 16, 2000 at 15:55:51:

We spent a(nother) delightful week in Zihuatanejo, our adventures were fun and exciting, and so I thought I would share some details of our favorite places so that others might be inspired!

First, it was our joy to be in town during the parade for Dia de la Revolucion...though it lasted for hours and hours and I don't know how those delightful school children managed, we saw some wonderful floats and beautiful regional costumes and joined in the general fun of the day.

I didn't think we would ever get motivated to leave Las Gatas beach and the special treatment from Daniel at Chez Arnoldo...from the great food and excellent service, to his recommendation to go Playa Manzanillo (hermit crabs all over the beach!) on the lancha "Secuestro de amor" with a little fishing and dolphin sightings along the way (free dolphins to play along side our boat, what awesome fun), to the honesty and sincerity that Juanita (she sells jewelry along the beach) showed us while we picked through her piles of ankle bracelets and necklaces...

we got ourselves to La Barra de Potosi (mainly to deliver some Spanish and art materials for the childrens library Laura is starting there) and were enchanted by the laguna. We went for a cruise and spotted a pink flamingo, a few king fishers and lots of other water birds...

and the morning I spent at Lupita's shop (still haven't met Rob, though his wife is lovely!) trying and buying clothes from Chiapas and Guadalajara and Oaxaca!

Or how about spending the evening discussing the finer points of tequila with the gentleman who was running the cigar/liquor shop in town (don't know it's name, though the street is pedestrian only at that point) and then swapping 'pulque en el campo' and other delightful stories.

Dinner at La Madera was wonderful, however, watch those margaritas, I could barely stagger up that hill to find a taxi, I do believe they were double shots (or was it the 'camerones en tequila' that put me over the limit??!!). Another night we were craving salad so found ourselves at BarNone and feasted (though you have to say 'bar no nay' to the taxi drivers). We even went to dinner in Ixtapa at Soleiado (where did Atoles Any go??!!) to our absolute delight!

Did I mention the scorpions who visited our villa (our boys rate that at the top of their 'best of Zihuatanejo' list) or the power outage (not even a fan to cool us off) we survived??!! Well, now those were all part of the adventure package...

our family is already anticipating our return, though this time it won't be for 11 months, so keep posting to this site so we can travel there in imagination at least and vicariously at best, even as we freeze here in the Pacific Northwest.


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