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Posted by Tacaño on March 03, 2001 at 19:38:22:

Hey, what can I provide in a trip report that hasn’t already been said? And probably more eloquently. Main thing is Zihua is better every time because it essentially stays the same.

Just a couple of observations –

New find

Nice small cafe of Calle Adelita near Cafe La Casa. There are usually three tables outside on street level and two on the small patio above. Trust me, you won’t miss finding it. The aroma from her cocina and the oranges being squeezed will guide you there. It’s owned by Maria Isabel Ramirez Aguilar – call her and her cafe Isabel. She’s quite cheerful and enjoyable to talk to. She starts serving breakfast around 7:30AM M-SA.

The omelets are very good with fillings that include the usuals - cheese, ham, bacon and a tasty chorizo and pray that flores de calabazas – pumpkin blossoms – are available. Select and match – it’s your choice.You’ll be surprised with her other offerings given the size of her clean kitchen.

At Isabel’s you’ll find an added bonus two floors above ground level – two apartments. Both are spacious and very well kept. Bright and shiny inside. Bath with shower in each along with kitchen facilities in each. Nice Mexican furnishings. No A/C but there are ceiling fans. The first unit being on the corner of the building has cross ventilation with windows on one side and the front. The second unit has large windows on the front. Now for the tantalizing part. $30US per night. I didn’t ask her about a discount for extended stays but she seems to be an experienced businesswoman so don’t be bashful –ask her.

Commercial Mexicana (CM)

My wife and I have shopped at other CMs for years and do enjoy them. We found the Zihua CM quite impressive. We’re glad that it provides the local residents with such a facility and especially employment.

CM offers one stop shopping and accommodates experienced visitors and fledglings alike. Language skills aren’t really needed. After reading Bob in Eugene’s post “New Zihua supermercado” below I vouch for all the other postings in that thread – as well as those in the archives. My wife and I plan that on our next trip we’ll hit CM the first morning for a few essentials then do our other shopping in the Central Market.

I second Ernie Gorrie’s comments about the fish. Mostly brought in from other areas. Kind of like buying blue crabs here in Seattle when Dungeness crabs are for the taking. CM is great but it won’t replace our visits to the Market for fish, fruit, and produce as well as bakery stops.

As far as liquor prices CM and the bodega were similar. However the bodega offers more liters – something to consider when bringing souvenirs back.

Restaurants –

No disappointments. Nothing to add that isn’t on the boards. Casa Vieja is the kind of place we hit two nights in a row. The folks there provide great food along with good atmosphere and sincere service. It fills up by seven but thins out after seven-thirty.


When you encounter the mezcal man buy from him then. DO NOT be lazy and tell yourself you don’t want to haul a bottle(s) around. You may not find him for awhile if at all again and return home regretting it! I know what you’re saying Rob –“told you so.”


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