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Posted by Sue from Minnesota on March 06, 2001 at 17:43:23:

My husband and I just returned from our 4th trip to Ixtapa/Zihua and since I have learned so much from everyone else's reports, I decided I must return the favor.

Our first task after checking in is to assume our new names for vacation, Al and Sue become Alberto y Susanna for a week. (Hmmm, maybe we should use those at home...that is for another message board!)

This year, we stayed at the Westin-Las Brisas, our first time. I don't have other years to compare it to, but everything seemed in order for a first class hotel. The food and drinks were expensive, even just around the pool and beach. The private terrraces were wonderful. It was always easy to get a chair by either the pool or the ocean, any time of the day. The down side of that was people tended to spread out and not congregrate. I found I missed the friendly pool side conversations that tend to occur at other hotels. We took taxis everywhere, but those were cheap, 20 pesos to Ixtapa, 30 to Zihua, 50 to La Ropa.

Monday, we took a taxi to La Barra de Potosi. The cost was 600 pesos round trip from the Westin, but I wasn't certain I could figure out the bus schedules and a week goes so fast, I didn't want to waste any time. We asked around for Laura, as we had some supplies for the children. A kind woman walked us down the street to her B & B. Meeting Laura was definitely a highlight of the trip. She showed us around her B & B and we are certainly considering spending a few days there on a future trip. For the rest of the afternoon, we settled in at a restaurant on the beach. I believe it was the Condesa. The most wonderful tortillas I have ever had, a very relaxing afternoon.

Tuesday evening, we enjoyed a very nice dinner at El Patio in Zihua. The dining room is in back, surrounded by walls, fountains and a very comfortable atmosphere. Walking around Zihua, we stumbled upon Rob's place. It was great to finally meet him, and to put a face to the guy who provides this great service. We ended up at Rick's bar and enjoyed some great country music provided by Josie and Christina from Nashville.

Thursday, we ventured up to Troncones, another 600 peso round trip ride from the Westin. This is the opposite direction from La Barra, so we were able to see many new villages on our way. We split our time between The Tropic of Cancer and El Burro Burracho. Both were very nice. Speaking of burros, we got a kick out of the livestock wandering the streets of Troncones. I took several pictures of burros sleeping in the middle of the road, and pigs and chickens as well!

We ended the day with a meal at Kau Kan...outstanding! and very reasonable. I took Kristi's advice from an earlier post, the Mexican coffee prepared table side is an experience. Kau Kan will certainly be on our future list of restaurants.

Friday morning we have some light rain, so decided to get our shopping out of the way. how could we resist with so many things "almost free" at the mercado in Zihua? We also checked out some hotels to stay at in the future. The Irma and Sontaventa-Catalina have received positive commnets before on this board, and I agree. We were also impressed by the Hotel Hi-Sol, just around the corner from Bandidos in Zihua. They showed us a room and quoted a rate of 500 pesos per night. We had dinner at El Faro in Ixtapa, also great food and views.

Friday night, the big storm came through, we were safe and snug in our hotel and understand some other hotels reported damage and injury to guests cut by flying glass. I hope the damage wasn't too bad, I keep thinking of all the little villages we passed and wonder how they fared.

Saturday morning, we flew back to Minneapolis, why is it that a week on vacation goes by so much more quickly than a week at work? That's okay, because there is always next year.

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