Trip Report - Barra De Potosi

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Posted by Dwight on March 08, 2001 at 09:59:36:

This going to be a little long but so much to tell, so little space! Our trip to Barra de Potosi was from Jan 10 - Feb 10. After a little trouble getting there via America West (they did their best) we had a great return trip on their airline. On time and not crowded. We stayed at Casa Puests Del Sol, a bunglow the first property south of the "Hotel" (there is only one hotel, Hotel Barra De Potosi). 'Our' bungalow is owned by Syd and LaRae Baker of Bamfield, BC. It was originally waterfront property but the Bakers are now building a two unit(2 stories) property in front of it-either the old or the new units are pleasant places to stay-the on site staff are Ysido, Alicia and family, just plain wonderful people!. The Hotel is struggling. We talked to people who were very content staying there and others who weren't. It appears to be pocketbook oriented, if you are on a budget you will like the Hotel!
For more money and a lot more atmosphere you should look at Calli Playa. New, clean, pool, great host (Bernie)and just fabulous food.
There are other places to stay but not well advertised. A lot of visitors just arrive and go to the En Ramadas and start asking for a room and they always find a place to sleep and then they sometimes change accommodations in the next day or two as they become more familiar with the area.

We found the natural beach setting to be almost the oustanding feature here. But the real star attractions are the people!! There is no prevailing atmoshere of getting into your wallet (in fact, you sometimes wonder at the lack of commercialism). You will see and become involved with true family core social units with the children, parents, grandparents, friends, etc etc in a constant state of close harmony and interaction. The family and the village are the center of the universe and that is the way it should be.
The En Ramadas w/Palaypas are a great place to socialize (we enjoyed the second one in from the north, Nayitos,). You will always find an great mix of people from all over the world from day tourists to expatriates like 'Don' Otto, a wandering Dutch travel writer who has been there for sometime and says he will move on when it becomes 'too civilized'.

The food is best described as excellent but very localized. The only thing on the menus you may recognize are fish or shrimp tacos. There is no attempt to serve the dishes other than as native cooking. And reasonable! 8 pesos for Corona and 20 to 50 pesos for a snack or meal. Oh, yes, I know you want to know-we observed employees using soap and water after using the bathrooms (and the bathrooms were swamped down with soap and water every morning). The kitchen at Nayitos is every bit as clean as ours at home (note I said clean, not equipped). And don't get in a hurry for your food,i.e, the fish are cleaned from scratch for every guest. If you are looking for hot dogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, forget it! Oh, yes, we ate anything that struck our fancy but never had stomach problems.

I may return to this site as time allows to make comments but here is the bottom line:
I have tried to imagine a way to compare Barra de Potosi with other vacation areas but there really is no comparison. I thought about trying to compare apples to apples. Well, most tourist areas in Mexico, Cabo, PV, Matzalan, etc are like comparing red delicious apples to golden delicious apples to rome apples to granny smith apples, ad infinitum. You could go to other fruit comparisons and other vacation meccas, i.e., apples to oranges, oranges like Miami Beach and Palm Springs, or plums like the Mediterrainan. But you see they are just various varities of fruits while Barra De Potosi is a rare but beautiful rose hidden among the taller trees in the orchard! 'Nuf said.

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