11/30/00 Trip return

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Posted by SteveinDanville on December 17, 2000 at 08:53:44:

We just had a great week at Villa del Sol, but make sure that you really check which room you get. We spent the money for a deluxe, split-level room, and we got a nice room, with an in-wall air conditioner that sounded like a 737 jet engine. In addition, there is NO a/c in the bathroom at all, with 2 south facing windows, and it was brutally hot in there at all times. On top of this, we were over the kitchen (!), and the workers come to work at 6:00 a.m., singing, emptying dishwashers, etc. etc. etc. Whenever the maids would come to our room (twice daily), they would turn off the a/c and the fan in the WC, so it could be brutal when you got back from the beach, or when it was time to go to bed. These things aside, we loved the property. What is the deal with long pants in the nice restaurant at the Villa del Sol? It was ninety-freaking-degrees, and the maitre'd comes over to quietly remind me that NEXT TIME, please where long pants (outside, remember, next to the beach). Guess what? There wasn't a next time!

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