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Posted by Bill in Santa Barbara, California on March 18, 2001 at 20:20:37:

In Reply to: Brisas del Mar posted by Dano on March 18, 2001 at 11:24:24:

Troncones: Didn’t get there this trip. Was there 15 years ago so I’m not the one to reply. However, there are many reports on the messageboard…just type in Troncones in the search engine. Be knowledgeable that a vacation in Troncones is almost a world away from staying at a hotel in town. Totally different experiences.

But La Madera…specifically the Brisas…I can tell you about that.

**Brisas Del Mar @ La Madera: The hotel is two separate buildings right next to one other and you’d be hard pressed to know which is the "remodeled" section because the facility looks great from the outside.

The Brisas is like seeing a Bo Derek look-alike from afar, but, as you get closer…you realize she’s a man! Oh gawd. Our experience was humorous.

The open air lobby is sensational, the furniture, the bay view, sounds of the surf, and ocean breezes .... BUT YOU MUST absolutely…without a doubt… get a room in the remodeled section.

Let me describe the suite that was shown to us.

First off, the hotel was booked solid (I seriously doubted it) and we were shown the only suite available. I caught a gander at a couple of other OLDER suites as we waked down the hall so this report is not totally one-sided.

We got very excited because there was a cool spiral staircase leading down into the room (a la a Greenwich Village Rock Hudson movie) with a commanding bay view through glass doors. But the room was bad news after we took a closer look.

There was no window in the bathroom (you REALLY need a window in your bathroom in Mexico…but then you know that), the furniture was, respectfully speaking, total trash, and the burnt impression of an iron smack dab in the middle of the bedspread was a sign that the room needed professional attention. Ha! The kitchenette? A,kitchenette? Give Tom Hanks two sticks and a pile of coconut fuzz and he could do better on an island in the middle of nowhere. But then who would be so hungry as to cook in that room? The rate: $85 USD plus tax per night. Total rip. We walked.

Upside: Private access to the beach down some manageable stairs (not bad at all) with palapas on the sand. . Beachside bar and café…nifty. Good looking pool. A moment and a half walk to the center of the village (very important). Great afternoon sun.

Another downside: The hotel is on the "peak" of the hill that fronts the beach (great, great views from every room) but even the taxis huff and puff getting up there. If you are staying for a week you’d resent that damn hill.


I’d stay at the Brisas in a flash if guaranteed a NEWER ROOM and not pay over $100 USD (include tax) a night. The newer rooms are totally nice….real nice.

So, that’s my report about the Brisas at La Madera.

We stayed at the neighboring Villa Miramar ( watch my video posted on 3/10/01 which shows the Miramar room) and catch the Brisas during the shot of La Madera beach…it’s the dark terra cotta colored hotel) .

Bill Brown in Santa Barbara, California

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