Playa Calli.....Feb. 6-12,2001

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Posted by Karen and Matt From Florence, Oregon on March 27, 2001 at 15:19:32:

No...we weren't seeking a peaceful haven to escape hardship and stressors of work or life. Being retired for 2+ yrs...we pretty much had ironed out the big stressors and had learned to slow down to bearable measures! What we needed was to fill a 6 day gap before we settled in our rented Villa in Zihua. It was Rob who pointed us to Barra de Potosi and thanks to the very adequate descriptions and pictures on the website...Playa Calli hooked us!

Upon arrival, Bernie's pride of ownership shows thruough loud and clear...(he afterall lives there,so design and labor was given much thought). With king size beds (and reading lamps on both sides), rooms are large and open with screening to keep air flow at a maximum and overhead fan noise is at minumum. It is not a problem to spend time in your room if you need temporary escape from heat or need a cool siesta! Another thoughtful gesture is the small refrigerator provided in the room!

Being a Professional Chef...Bernie's dinners are gourmet delights! The fish are literally caught the day it is served! The fruit of course is fresh and breakfast juices are his own wonderful concoctions! Don't forget to ask where he gets his great Mexican coffee!

The rooms are set back with a small grove of coconut trees separating you from the pool and cocina. Hammocks are stretched between some of the trees and comfortable padded (with pillows too!) chaise lounge chairs surround the pool. It is an extraordinary oasis! Solitude abounds by the miles of shoreline, often only interrupted by playful dolphins. (we will never forget that sight) Don't miss a boat ride on the lagoon! Bring plenty of books. And heed Bernie's advice and bring your favorite anti-bug lotion. The "No-See-Ums" don't bother everybody, but they did like my white legs! I did my best to change the color! They are only a minor inconvenience (Zihua has them too).

No doubt about it tho...we will be back! Until then, we have wonderful memories and pictures (the sunsets are spectacular!)...bring lots of film! It was a pleasure to have been at Playa Calli and an added bonus was to have met some of Bernie's family. (how could we not help be drawn to their quiet, respectful and friendly overtones!)

Don't let Playa Calli escape your travel itinerary! Time literally stops at Playa Calli...everyone needs to experience this!

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