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Posted by Malury on March 28, 2001 at 21:27:54:

In Reply to: Surfing in Troncones area posted by Russell from Jacksonville on March 25, 2001 at 16:02:10:

Saladitas is about 40 mins north of Troncones. You don't need a 4 wheel if you are staying near the village Troncones... I suggest a VW bug and bring soft racks. Suburbans or Chevy Trackers are the only other option and cost alot more. (the 4 wheel drive option has been removed from most of them anyway) VW Bugs are as good as any 4 wheel anyway.
Troncones has some nice beach breaks early AM, starts to close out around 10am, then late afternoon it can get hollow again, makes for nice sunsets. It depends on the storms and the swells. If Troncones is big (8 feet plus), Saliditas is usually half the size, but has the shape that a beach break will lose with height, Saladitas holds great and is worth the drive. If Troncones is flat, (rare in winter but extremly rare in summer) then Saladitas won't be happening.
You will have a great time and forget about 4 wheel drive, just get stuck in the VW and a burro can haul you out! If you're stuck in a bigger car... maybe the burro can't haul you out! Cell phone won't work in the jungle!

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