3 Weeks in Zihuatanejo

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Posted by Gwen on March 30, 2001 at 14:38:33:

Lets see...where to begin with our vacation story...We left Portland for Zihuat on March 1st for a three week stay at the Villa Mexicana on LaRopa Beach. This was our second stay at the Villa and we were very happy once again during our stay. We stayed in an upper floor deluxe room w/balcony and ocean view. The staff treated us like royalty from the get go. Half way through our stay a room next to us with a jacuzzi became available so we were upgraded to that room at no extra charge. By now all of you have heard of the storms which arrived late in the day on both March 1 and March 2. The first storm was intense with heavy wind and rains and could be categorized as a tropical storm. The storm which arrived on the evening of March 2nd according to the locals was nothing less then a hurricane...heavy rains, lightning, thunder, and winds at 110+MPH. It was one helluva thing to watch and yes, something that had not occurred during this time of the year in some said over 50 years. Weather throughout the remainder of our stay was beyond beautiful and warm. About our meals...our favorite places in town were JJ's and Banditos. On LaRopa we often ate breakfast and sometimes dinner at Patty's Mar R Mar. Patty as always was very big on PR and her daughter who is now filling in when Patty is not there is a duplicate of Patty...both are very gracious and attentive to their customers. We shared happy hour daily with our UK friends and friends from Nevada daily at the Villa but only ate one meal at the Villa. Their prices have increased from last year and, they no longer provide daily lunch/dinner vouchers (70 pesos per day per guest) as they did last year. My hubby and I ate at some off the wall places a few times in town and sadly I must report I spent my entire last week in Zihuat deathly ill, unable to even hold down water and, am still sick. My doc is trying to figure out what monster has taken over my body and has placed me on heavy duty antibiotics. I spent two days in bed running a high fever with a double wool blanket over me freezing to death. Next year, I will not risk eating at some of the small local restaurants. Now then, enough on that.....are you all ready for a little humor???? Our friends from the UK which we met last year at the Villa joined us for the entire three weeks and, this year they brough along a couple of gentlemen who came along to fish. Our UK friends fish almost on a daily basis. Well, these gents decided to try their luck in the evenings fishing off a rocked area of LaRopa. One of the guys reeled in a Morey Eel and this thing wound up with its mouth locked solidly on Dave's middle finger. The locals were having a good laugh over this as they clubbed the thing to get it to release Dave's finger. Luckily he still had a finger when all was said and done and, needless to day, they didn't do any more fishing off those rocks. Now then, my hubby becomes very amorous when we go on vacation and well, he just can't keep his hands off me. There we are out by the pool one day and he is rubbing me down with sun tan oil and decides I need some under my bikini top too. Before long I got up from the lounge chair to visit the restroom and to get there you pass a very nice looking gentleman in a booth who assist visitors in arranging tours and such. Normally when I passed him I would just give a "hello" to him and visa versa. This day I decided to chat a bit with him before continuing onto the RR. When I made it to the restroom and looked in the mirror, there was my oiled up right boob hanging under my bikini top...the tour guide had encountered the three eyed monster. Lord, I sure didn't make eye contact with him as I headed back to the pool and well, guess it was worth it all as we have all had some really good laughs over the incident. My pool experiences did not end there. One day I was down there to discover I was laying there, new bikini on, bottoms on inside out. Another day I discovered I had failed to remove the liner from a new bikini I was wearing. More laughs during happy hour!!! Oh, we did go to Fiesta night at the Pacifico and that was fantastic. My Limey friend Helen was all dressed up in a bright red dress and high heels and oh my, she had plenty of red wine that night and it was a kick watching her when we left the place. The Fiesta truly is worthwhile going to. As each person enters they put a ribbon with a little ceramic pot at the end of it around your neck and fill it up with Tequila. If you wish you can down several shots. They off you go to be seated at a table with a group of other people. We have a friend from Paris who spends Jan. through March in Zihuat every year and he arranged the Fiesta for all of us...the Limeys...us, and a really cool couple we met from Paris. We had the best darn table in the place! The show was great, the drinks kept on coming all night, and the buffet was good...not great...but good. I would recommend the Fiesta to anyone visiting Ixtapa/Zihuat. Fiesta night is every Tuesday! There are so many other fun things to talk about but alas, too much to put on this board. About the markets....we visited the Central market in Zihuat numerous times but, let me warn you. Yes, there is all kinds of beautiful fruits and veggies for purchase and just about anything else you want. You will also see pigs being butchered, cattle, chickens, you name it. Some displayed with flies all about them....all sitting out in the heat of the day. Let me also warn you...we were there the day I started coming down with Montezuma's Revenge! If you have ever been unlucky enough to get this you will know that when you "gotta go" you "gotta go" and I mean now!! I was quickly directed to the bathroom facility in the market. There stood a little Mexican man who gave me four sheets...yes four sheets of toilet paper which cost me 4 pesos. Into the restroom I went where the floor was cement and covered with water. In the stalls were toilets which contained no water...ladies would follow your "deposit" by dumping buckets of water down the toilet. Let me tell you...I have never been so articulate with toilet paper in my life!!!! There are no facilities there to wash your hands!!! From there on I was scared to death to be any further then 2 minutes away from a bathroom with running water. I know...this is Mexico. Neverless, under the circumstances, I was near tears. Oh, guess I should tell you that my fourth day into illness, my husband wanted me to go to the hospital of which I refused. I asked him to go to a pharmacy, tell them what was going on, and see if they could provide something. Our friends from Nevada took a cab into town with him as I laid in bed with fever. Soon he returned to announce to me that a doctor was at the pharmacy who had prepared an injection that hubby was to administer to me in the rear end. Also sent him back to me with two antibiotics to start taking. Well, as my husband has never given anyone a shot in his life I said, well....guess I am going to just stay sick. Poor guy ran all over the hotel and beach until he found someone who could give me a shot. To our room comes a big guy, about 6'7" with his wife who he had given injections to in the past. So, I bare my butt for a total stranger...he gives me the shot which was painless but...within a few minutes I started itching all over and soon there were hives popping up. I told hubby I was having a reaction to the shot but if I did not scratch the hives perhaps I would be okay. Wrong! Within 10 minutes every part of my body was covered with hives and huge purple/red blotches. At this point I was frightened, started crying and laughing in between tears at what had become a very frustrating situation. My husband grabbed up all the meds...rushed back into town and came home with liquid Benadryl. A good dose got rid of all the hives and also put me in a state of total inability to hardly talk. I am finally getting better however as I said, I saw my doctor yesterday, presented with a BP of 91 over 50, very dehydrated and ordered to take in fluids, fluids, and more fluids. Just be careful out there folks. In closing, we all had such a wonderful vacation we are all meeting up again together next year. Our Nevada friends will join us at the Villa again. Our Limey friends have rented an apartment in town for the entire month of March...kitchen, maid, the works for $400 a month. This will work out better for them as they do spend so much time fishing and the pier is right there. I do hope I have brought a little knowlege and a whole lot of humor to all of you today. Take care and for those of you getting ready to head off on vacation...have a blast. Oh, the Mexicana Central market is a great place to find anything you need in Zihuat!!! Adios for now...the three eyed monster

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