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Posted by Laura on April 22, 2001 at 12:30:49:

In Reply to: hiking near Barra de Potosi posted by geenance on April 15, 2001 at 19:51:53:

Hello Greenance,

I'm delighted you liked the looks of La Barra (and Casa del Encanto) from our website. In my plan to make this a site for general information about La Barra, I will soon be uploading a lot of new photos of all the area of La Barra including the beaches, the village, activities, (including great hiking!)the enramada restaurants (even photos of food and menus), the local people and events with some stories and history of this beautiful community.

In the meantime, yes there are great trails for hiking in La Barra. A favorite hike is to go up to the top of the picturesque hill of Guamilule. From the top there is a spectacular panoramic view of the whole area. I think it takes about an hour and a half to go up. Walking through the coconut plantations across the Barra itself leads to a 20 mile long virgen beach on the south side. This beach called Turtle Santctuary beach is accessible only by foot or horseback. Spectacular!You will see turtle shells there of old sea turtles come to their final rest. It is fantastic. You can also hike around the hill to a point where you can watch the sunset over the stone islands of Los Moros. Plus there are trails all around the lagoons mangrove treelined splendor. Some of them lead eventually to the salt mines on the other side which are in themselves a very special place to visit. The pristine sinence and peace of the salt mines where they distill seasalt using age old natural methods, always remind me of a well made movie from China for some reason. Maybe it is the peacefulness.

Some hearty healthy souls have enjoyed hiking all along the beach for hours. La Barra/Playa Blanca becomes Playa Larga eventually. This beautiful beach with the ever changing view of Los Moros, is still so undeveloped you can hike for two hours in glorious unspoiled beach sensuality, dip in the water when you get too hot, arrive at the other end, have a great lunch at Playa Larga (Splendidos maybe?) and then hike back or take a taxi back depending on your strength. I myself would probably get about as far as our own beach property which is about a 5 minute walk from our Village house in La Barra de Potosi! Maybe after working up to it a little...

We do have caves in the Hill of Guamilule. I have heard wonderful stories of attempts to retrieve secret treasure left by pirates in these caves. The word is you must be completely pure of heart to be able to get the treasure out. So far some little thing has always prevented the attempts from being successful! I have not yet given it a try, but I can check around to see if one of the locals can take you to see them at least.

Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have about La barra de Potosi. Have a wonderful time on your vacation, and thank you for your appreciative comment about our site!

Hasta pronto,
Bara de Potosi

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