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Posted by Scott in Atlanta on May 29, 2001 at 00:50:40:

My wife and I just returned a few hours ago from our unforgettable trip to Villa Del Sol in Zihua. What an incredible experience!! We both fell in love with Zihua - the beautiful beaches, the friendly people and most of all, Villa Del Sol. I certainly don't want to sound like an ad for VDS, but I can't say enough great things about it. Truly a world-class hotel deserving of its reputation.

We arrived in Zihua on Thursday for a three day, four night visit. Thanks to all of the great info on this board, I had planned our entire trip, from daily activities to dinners.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and it was raining! That kind of bummed us out, so we decided to take a quick walk on La Ropa and head into town for dinner. We had a wonderful meal - I had the Red Snapper and Lisa had the Chicken Enchiladas. Both dishes were outstanding. We hit the pillows pretty early, hoping to wake up to sunshine.

Friday morning brought blue sky and sun so we hit the beach early. Villa Del Sol has a beautiful private beach with comfortable lounge chairs, plenty of palapas for shade and tables for eating meals on the beach. You are also insulated, to some degree, from the beach peddlers who offer everything from pottery to fishing trips. Not that the peddlers bothered me in particular - I kind of enjoyed the cultural aspect - but when you are relaxing in the sun, it is a little annoying to be constantly approached. Plus, my wife is a sucker and will buy anything from anyone!

Back to VDS.... We spent the entire day on the beach at VDS, alternating between the beach and the infinity pool that seems to cascade right on the sand. By this time, I was coming to the realization that my pre-determined plans were not going to happen and we would be spending most of our time on that amazing beach. I absolutely fell in love with the VDS pool. I would sit in the pool for hours at a time, drinking too many Coronas and reading my book. From this day forward, whenever I am stressed out, I will close my eyes and take myself back to the infinity pool at VDS. Absolute paradise!

OK - are you ready for the really cool part of this story? Friday afternoon we started talking to the couple that was on the beach next to us. It turned out they live IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD in Kennesaw, GA!!! I can walk to their house in five minutes! We hit it off and ended up having dinner together Friday and Saturday night. I have a feeling we will become very good friends. Imagine that - travel all the way to Zihua, Mexico only to find new friends that live in our neighborhood. Spooky!

OK - I am rambling, so I'll try to wrap it up. It turns out we could not pull ourselves away from VDS. Every morning we had breakfast on the beach, complete with white tablecloth. Lunch every day was the same - we would get up from our lounge chairs, sit at our table, eat lunch, get back in our lounge chairs, take a dip in the pool, more lounge chairs, walk on the beach, another dip in the pool, get the idea.

Saturday afternoon we went shopping in town wth our neighbors. Cinco de Mayo was a blast! I loved the atmosphere and the buying process. Being in sales, I love to negotiate and I was in my element here. We got a lot of great deals and picked up 8-10 pieces of pottery for under $40US.

Saturday night we had dinner at Casa Que Canta and it was incredible. Great view, excellent food, outstanding service. The best meal we had, by far.

Sunday we ventured down the beach to La Perla for lunch. Had their fish tacos and chicken fajitas and both were very good. Great atmosphere right on the beach.

After lunch I rented a waverunner for 30 minutes and set out to explore Zihuatanejo Bay. It was nice to get a new perspective after sitting on the beach for three days. It was a little expensive (probably because I was playing the goofy tourist), but well worth it.

Since it was our anniversary, Sunday night I had the VDS staff prepare a candlelight dinner on the beach for us. It was incredibly romantic and we both enjoyed our meals. It was a great way to spend our last night in paradise.

I know many of you will say that we spent too much time at VDS and didn't sample the real flavor of Zihua. I agree with you! I went to Zihua with every intention of exploring the entire city. However, the allure of VDS overcomes even the most ambitious traveler. It is an intoxicating place and a very special place to spend time with the one you love.

VDS was quite expensive, but we decided if we were going to Zihua, we were going to do it right. We are both so glad that we chose Zihua and VDS. It was the trip of a lifetime and we will return soon. If you are planning a trip to Zihua and have the resources, you would be crazy not to book a room at Villa Del Sol.

Thanks Rob and everyone for this great board. Although it was my first time in Zihua, it felt very familiar to me. I recognized many restaurants, hotels and personalities from reading about them on this board. Also thanks to Chris and Mimi (newlyweds), Padresh and Katie (also newlyweds) and Mike and Kelly (our new friends and neighbors) for helping to make our trip so enjoyable.

And most of all....thank you Zihuatanejo!!!


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