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Posted by Liz on June 01, 2001 at 16:03:43:

My husband and I just got back from a lovely week in Ixtapa. It was my 4th time there,but my husband's 1st.
We were celebrating our 1st year anniversary and thanks to Fernando Orbezo, whom I contacted from
Villa de la Selva, we had the most romantic dinner ever: Wine, appetizer, dinner & dessert ($65 US).
The view was breathtaking.

The Presidente: We had room 2108 (top floor of the tower). After 2 days, our backs were
hurting from the bed. We called room service and had them put an extra foam for comfort. It helped
me out, not my husband. His back is still hurting. I was too lazy to pack to move to another room.
Breakfast was great, just that the refried beans weren't what I had before. They weren't mashed and refried!
One improvement I noticed, they now cover the food to protect them from the flies. Service was always great.
Lunch and dinner had a nice variety. All meals were at the open restaurant on the beach. They didn't serve the
fresh fish to your liking anymore (major dissapointment) My husband had a feast at Fiesta Mexicana night.
Everything imaginable to your liking. Being that it was slow season, the hotel had about 150 guests, so
beach night didn't include the usual games. They just had the show, and invited everyone to the bar
at midnight for dancing. We stopped at the bar one night for Kareoke. My husband is proud that he stood up
and sang for me (not sure what others would say) :) We ate at the gourmet restaurant. You have to pay for
several main courses,I wanted lobster ($20 US). The pool and grounds were always spotless. We took the Bike
tour to the Marina. Took a beginner's Tennis lesson (thanks to Enrique and his great patience). My husband joined
beach volleyball game and enjoyed it very much. The weather was perfect! We went to Zihuatanejo for some shopping.
Took the local bus 4 pesos. We did most of our shopping there. We brought liquor at this warehouse liquor
distributor (can't remember the name of the street, but I found that info on this message board), cash only (no
credit cards). Prices were cheaper than at the duty free shop at the airport. We went to Isla Ixtapa for a day
(made reservations through the Hotel). Great drinks (pina colada & coco loco) The pina colada was decorated with
fruit to make a face out of it. Food was great, even though my husband didn't like the fish. Snorkeling was an experience
in itself. The beach for snorkeling was full of coral on the sand. Go in backwards with your flippers!
The water was merky. The beach at the Presidente was very clean, they had the red flags going. The
waves weren't as bad as I expected. You get addicted to it and you don't want to get out. The waiter
(Jesus) was very attentive. He made sure to stop by often asking if we wanted any drinks.

Overall, Ixtapa was just as beautiful as I had remembered being it to be. I felt like I was home.
My husband and I are definetely returning, we may try some other non all-inclusive. Since our
meal at Villa de la Selva was outstanding, we would like to try other places for dinner.

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