overdue trip report

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Posted by Minnesota Dalene on June 15, 2001 at 21:13:12:

My trip report is long overdue but please forgive me as my computer has been down for a couple of weeks--still not working properly but I will give this a try. My best friend and I were in Zih from May 26 thru June 2. We stayed at Hotel Irma. It was my first time at that hotel and my friends second time. We were given a room on the 6th floor and we knew right away this would not do but thought for one night we could deal with it as it had been a long flight down and we just wanted to kick back. I have to admit the view from the top floor was awesome but didn't feel as though it was "right" for us, as I had read before we had left about the previous problems at Irma with a man attacking women. After a quick taxi to La Ropa beach for dinner, we went back to Irma to get some rest. A little after 10p.m. there was a knock at our door. We of course would not open the door but yelled out to ask who it was. There was a lengthy hesitation before we heard a man say he was the "maintenance man". We yelled through the door again asking what he wanted. Another hestitation before he answered he was there to fix the TV. We told him there was nothing wrong with the television and to go away. We then listened for his footsteps but he stood out there for a few minutes before leaving. We had all the lights out and were almost asleep before his knock so was wondering why someone would want to "fix" the TV at that hour without our calling about it. Called down to the front desk right away to report what had happened. The front desk guy came up right away but still we would not open the door. We talked to him through the door and told him what happened. He said he would file a report. He also said he had a message for us from our travel rep. We had him slip it under the door to prove it. It was for real. After he went back down we couldn't sleep as we were frightened and nervous. We had been out on the balcony earlier in the evening sipping on a couple of cervasas so we broke the bottles in a towel and spread glass around the bathroom window (as it was large enough for a person to fit through), booby trapped the doors with furniture and glass and had glass in a washcloth should we need it. We did not sleep that first night as every little noise made us jump. First thing in the morning we met with our travel rep and explained to her what happened. We figured she would be able to better help us as her spanish is better than ours. We told her we either wanted a different hotel or a safer room at the Irma. Janet was very helpful in dealing with the hotel staff explaining what happened and trying to find out any information for us. As it turns out the night desk man had never filed a report. Anyway, after much discussion we agreed to try another room that was more well lit and nearer to help for one night and if we still felt uncomfortable we would go to another hotel. The room worked out well for us. We did feel allot safer and because of the big stink we made the staff was always watching out for us. The manager came and talked to us about the incidence and I admit I was a bit peeved when he claimed there was nor ever been a problem at Irma regarding safety of guests. He claimed it was a rumor started by some woman from the US consulate. But rather than argue with him I resolved to be that much more aware. My friend and I travel together allot and always aware of our surroundings but now we are a bit more assertive about our safety. The staff at Irma was very friendly and accomendating. We weren't about to let one mishap ruin what was a long awaited vacation for us. We spent the rest of the week going to town to eat at many different restaurants, (sorry, I didn't pay attention to the names), having our fill of oysters, octopus, squid, and tamales. We went to La Ropa beach a few times, even got to see the crocodiles this time, visited with friends of ours who live down there, did a little shopping, a little drinking, did a side trip to Petatlan, (awesome by the way) and totally relaxed. We have both been to Zih before and will return again within the next 6 months, God willing. I would tell anyone to go ahead and travel there and feel safe about doing so. Use common sense and good judgement. Remember you are a guest there but also don't be afraid to be assertive if something doesn't "feel" right. But most of all--ENJOY--Zih is truly paradise. I traveled around but somehow I keep going back to Zih ever since my first trip there.

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