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Posted by Colleen on June 21, 2001 at 15:00:49:

We just returned from our first trip to Mexico - and I have
to say that for having never experienced a foriegn country before
(border towns do NOT count), this was the BEST introductory we could have

Rob - you look nothing like I pictured you to be..

Our stay in Zihua was fantastic. We bunked at Bungalos Ley - our host and his
crew were the best! Wnadering around town and playing on the beach were both enlightening
experiences (the water 'round home is damn cold) and the local folk were more than willing
to help three people completely helpless with the language.

Isla Ixtapa was fun, but I really prefered our trip to Las Gatas beach more. Roger (my son)
is trying very hard to convince me that we have to go back for winter break so he can chase crabs
and geko's again.

Thanks so much to everyone out there who made us welcome!!!

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