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Posted by norma on December 25, 2000 at 19:55:56:

Returned from Z a wwk ago. What a great time there were 30 of us and stayed at Solimar Inn very accomodating and great location. I would definitely stay in Z not Ixtapa and not LaRopa.
Our fav beach was Los Gatas mostly due to Daniel (The waiter) took gentle care of all of us. My daughter stepped onto a sea urchin thing with the spines and he picked it out. My sister was stung by a bee and he was there with a stinger remover. Our son is now in the braid book there, he is the one with th green arm cast and green speedo. Daniel ended each day with a shot of mescal on the house for everyone. Daniel is at the 2nd on the beach(Arnolds Place).The one thing I think we would have enjoyed was going out snorkeling , surfing, fishing with Daniel but did not get a chance. Please say hi from Terry and Norma Goss if you see him. The snorkeling was good. Prob better at Ixtapa Island (Coral Beach)but the service was not good so that made it crummy.
Loved Z, the people really do not speak much english which made it even more fun. It was quiet when we were there, good for us. The teens traveled into Ixtapa every night for entertainment. Do take you Spanish dictionary if you don't know Spanish too well. It was hard communicating with the cab drivers at times.
The best food was at the El Patio best Mahi mahi(fish) that I have ever tasted. JJ's did have great clam chowder and that is where we heard who was the president and what the weather was like in Portland, Oregon. Otherwise we had no news of the states. Seafood is big there since Z is right on coast. Did not really find much typical mexican food except the great quacomolie dip.
The kids had a great fishing trip caught sail fish, Mahi Mahi and black tuna for 25 dollars a piece.
The locals in the market were not as easy to bargain down like PV on the beach. The message board was great in getting ready to go and it is true that the planning is 3/4 the fun. So do not get to caught up in bargaining the price is great compared to the states.
Most of all thanks to Edison and his family at the Solimar for putting up with the 30 of us.


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