Day Six trip report, one more day to go!!

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Posted by Leonard on July 28, 2001 at 20:57:57:

The day before we leave is a bit sad upon arising. But, it's a beatiful day so we try to make the best of it. It was not that hard to do.

It's compromise time again, adventure yesterday, beach today. One has to continue to compromise for peace and harmony. I must admit that I am a bit "adventured out."

We head to the beach. And, my back still remembers the last adventure with Neptune. So, I decide to cautiously approach the waves. I wade out to them and as they break, I run like a 27 year old (I'm not), lifting my legs high and beat them to the shallows. I think it was the fourth time I did it that my left calf expoded. The last time it exploded was in 1991 during a handball match. I knew the feeling: like a ping pong ball that blew up. Before the pain hit, I drop to my back and lie in the water. I knew what was coming. I remembered 1991 all too well. It took about two minutes for total incapacition of the left lower extremity. The wife thought something was amiss and wandered to where I sat in the surf. She aided me in arising while I maintained my smile. And then I told her what happened. Henceforth, I knew I would walk like Boris Karloff in the Mummy dragging my left leg just like in 1991. But, trying to maintain my composure, I found that if I walked backwards I looked somewhat normal. So little by little I inched back to the lounge chairs, in reverse, pointing to the waves and otherwise trying to act normal until I arrived at my final resting place. That damned leg still hurts today. But, it is healing two weeks after the event. Hard to believe isn't it? Just call me "Crip." I haven't been to the gym since I got back, but it's on the agenda for Monday morning, hopefully.

Well, I managed to sunbathe for the rest of the morning. Breakfast was the pan dulce I bought the day before at the supermercado. And we ordered a bucket of beer, of course, and some pericos at the beach. But, I was determined to make it to a good local restaurant for brunch. We later hailed a taxi and left the hotel. (Yes I walked backwards most of the way).

We asked the taxi driver to take us to a restaurant that was recommended on this website. He said it was a good restaurant. And, he suggested his own equal preference. He suggested Rossy's restaurant. Fifty pesos later we were at Rossy's. It is located above Zihua bay past Casa Que Canta and near the Marlin restaurant, I believe. What a great surprise.

In short, go there. The food was wigggly fresh, very cheap, the decor perfect and the service fine. The restaurant opens to the beach. We sat in the covered part of the restaurant next to the sand and our faces in the light breeze with the waves fifty feet away. Umbrellas can be rented and you can eat on the beach at the picnic tables if you prefer and stay there and play. The decor was really nice. A lot of wood and nautical stuff on the walls. A well built building. I suspect that the owners were on site management since everything was prompt and perfect. Really, Rossy's is great. I had red snapper and the wife had some sort of seafood. Before that, we had beer of course and an appetizer. Aftewards, the wife had Grand Marnier and I had espresso. We ate and drank for hours, watching the beach and bay activity. We stayed 'till near sunset. We even had dessert. The price: about $40.oo bucks. Can you believe it? The place was packed with locals and nationals. The decor was similar to the Flying Dutchman (downstairs) in Kemah, Texas on the waterfront. Very pretty place and casual. Go there. Did I already say that?

Oh yeah, getting in and out of the taxi was a problem, back, leg, head, none seemed to want to get in or out of the taxi. I needed a fork lift.... .

The ride up to Rossy's is really nice. We went by some great locations of hotels and the view was really nice since you are up on the side of a mountain as you approach Rossy's.

I wish I had spent more time in that area in hindsight. Next time I will.

When we got to the hotel room, we watched a movie on the TV, smoked one of the Cuban cigars I "found" and otherwise vegitated.

In the final analysis, do spend at least an afternoon exploring that area. We waited to long to go up there. And, I did not get to explore. If it's a choice between the Porto Mio side and the opposite side, e.g. Rossy's, go to the opposite side and skip Port Mio area. And, go to Rossy's. You won't regret it. This is not a paid advertisement for them, they were just that good and affordable. I wanted to eat there again Sunday, but our flight left at 3 p.m. and they wanted us there two hours early and we had to pack, so we were not able to eat there again. Instead, we hired a taxi to take us to the airport. The taxi driver had something else in mind, though. Hopefully, I can finish this tomorrow and write a line or two about our pleasant surprise on the way to the airport.

P.S. Let me add this before I forget. You don't have to be at the airport two hours before the airplane leaves. Believe it or not, thirty minutes is just fine. You go through customs or whatever it was in Zihua a minute before you get on the plane. So don't waste two hours at the airport like we did.

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