Day seven, especially for Samantha and family

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Posted by Leonard on July 29, 2001 at 15:17:43:

Not much spectacular happened on Sunday. We packed, checked out to the hotel and hailed a taxi.

On the way to the airport, we decided to ask the taxi driver to stop in Zihua so we could pick up tamales from "Any". He took us there and it was closed, but he suggested another place. We stopped and ordered a small meal to go.

We bought lunch for the taxi diver to go. And on the way to the airport, he suggested we stop at playa larga since we did not need to be at the airport two hours early. Nice man. He took us there and never asked for a cent. Of course, we paid him extra. He was a polite and friendly taxi driver. He caused us to have an especially fond parting memory of the people in Zihua and Ixtapa.

Playa Larga: I should have spent more time there. The only question I have is how do you get a taxi to return to Zihua from Playa Larga? Is there phone service out there? It's remote folks. I saw no bus service out there. Maybe Rob can answer that for everyone. If you have kids, I would go there. Popeyes was kind of neat. I think it had a large building, a large covered patio on the beach and a swimming pool at the patio. It is not hotel quality stuff, but it looked like a place you could swim in the surf or let the kids play in the pool while you eat and drink at the restaurant. The area is remote in that it is miles from anything. It's on the way to the airport. You take a right turn through a coconut plantation. Nice view.

Drawbacks to Playa Larga: a bit remote, but if you can easily get a taxi back to Zihua, then no problem. And, the beach was clean since the ocean takes care of that, but past the high tide marks there were a lot of plastic bottles. I mean a lot. It would not take much effort to clean that up.

At Playa Larga, we stopped and got out and ate our carry out lunches we bought earlier. A family of polite Indian ladies and girls tried to sell their wares to us. But we were already packed. We looked at the water for quite a while. There are two huge rocks a couple of miles out from the beach. Just two or more big rocks out in the middle of the ocean. Reminded me of the scene in Blue Lagoon, I think it was.

Well, that's it for me. Adieu, adieu while I make more room for you. Fair winds, blue skys and calm waters to all of you.


Miscellaneous stuff: I met Rob. Hello Rob. Thanks for this site. Maybe we will see you next year if not sooner. Thanks for letting me check my email while I was in Mexico. I felt a bit more assured that my staff was at work while I was in Mexico.

We took the sulfa pills and had no stomach problems.

Take a flashlight and collapsable ice chest you can get from Walmart made by California Innovations which is highly rated by Practical Sailor.

Take a gym bag and take a few small gym bags to put dirty clothes or pottery in for the return trip. You probably get three bags to check thru and one to carry on.

Take a few zip lock bags.

Take a bottle opener, can opener and cork puller.

Las Brisas has a stocked refrigerator in the room. You can take some of their stuff out and put some of your stuff in with the exception of liquor. It also has a coffee maker. Take a few small coffee filters or spend a while in Ixtapa looking for them. They have local coffee grown in Zihua and you can buy it on the main floor of the hotel and brew your own.

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