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Posted by Bob on August 03, 2001 at 11:32:26:

This was my first trip to Zhia. Some observations and comments. If you want to see Zhia cheaply, stay in a hotel that caters mostly to Mexicans. I stayed at Hotel Buganvilia at #63 Mangus. $330 pesos for a double air conditioned room. I took about 25 taxis and only one knew where it was. They would drive round and round stopping to ask people where it was. The downside was the taxi from the airport couldn't find it so I him to pull over and I ended up staying the first night at the Aurora hotel. The driver stiffed me for $24.00. One other thing about taxis. I think the authorities should revoke the license of drivers who offer to "get you together with a 16 year old girl." They should also impound the vehicle and grind it up into teeny tiny little pieces.
The heat was stiffling if there wasn't a breeze and I concentrated my dining experiances to restaurants along the Playa Principale. Daniel's had great fillet minion but both times I ordered medium rare I had to send it back because it was well done. But the second time it was done to perfection. Best seafood was the combo for 200 pesos at the place on the end closest to Playa La Madera. But once they soaked me 150 pesos for red snapper.
I saw very few gringos in Zhia. My favorite time of all was sitting on the Playa La Ropa at Rosey's. What a great place!
The only massage place in Zhia only offers a "girlfriend massage" and um other services so if you want a Swedish massage you will have to go to Ixtapa. One beach massage place charges 150 pesos for a 40 minute massage and the other charges 200 pesos. There are a couple places on Playa LaRopa but I didn't check them out.
I stopped by Bungalows Allec on Pla La Madera cuz the family and I will be staying there in November. Kinda shabby for 90 bucks a night for the 2 bedroom unit but it was clean and the place is right on the beach.
The fixed taxi fee 0f 13 pesos in Zhia and 20 pesos from Zhia to LaRopa really help you get around. When I took a taxi in Zhia I would ask the driver how much? If he said 13 pesos I gave him 20. If he said 20, I argued and gave him 13.
I found a taxi for $15/hour one day and hired him to take us up the coast. Nice fellow. Didn't speak much English though.
If you go to Zhia be sure to get up early and wander down to the beach by the pier to watch the fishermen selling their night' catch.

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