Trip report - Day 4 of 8(whoops)

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Posted by Linda on October 05, 2001 at 21:06:56:

9/25 - DAY 4: Don't worry, I told Hubby last night, tomorrow is going to be beautiful. Well, it's beautiful, alright, how can Potosi not be? But it looks the same as the days before ... gray skies and constant drizzle. Apparently not a good day to risk horseback riding.

I have to call home so we decide to go to Petatlan. On the way there, we passed the archeological site of La Soledad de Maciel, which I wanted to explore, but Hubby mumbled something about stopping on the way back. I know this to mean "Unless there's a taqueria on the premises, honey, you've got an ice cube's chance in hell of getting me there."

We do our business in Petatlan and on the way out of town I see a sign on a dirt road for a town 10 km. away. I ask a local if there is a beach at the end of that road and the answer is yes. Poor Hubby sighs, but knowing he's not going to stop at Maciel for me, heads toward the unknown. It's a rough, wet, pot-holed road populated by free-range pigs and cattle. It takes us through wild tropical country and coconut groves and about 30 minutes later we arrive at the end of the road -- a closed and locked gate. For once, I am not going to talk Hubby into parking and walking the remaining distance to the beach. I've had enough; we turn around and go back. We were later to find out just what a good decision this was. [See DAY 5, coming soon to a message board near you.]

We drive back to Barra. The rain never got beyond a light drizzle and we realize today would have been the perfect day to ride horses to the turtle beach.

Too late for regrets, tho. Hubby turns to me and asks, "Wanna eat?" "Why not," I reply, "there's plenty of fresh fish at the enramadas." And then I heard it ... a low rumbling, rolling ever closer to the surface like approaching thunder. It was Hubby, his head back, his mouth wide and pleading, "I WANT AL PASTOR TACOS!!!" I was startled but not surprised. After all, this was the man, when we first met, I had nicknamed "Meat Boy." We had to find him dead mammal flesh, and FAST! We drove into Zihua and did so. Not tacos al pastor (BBQ pork), but close enough to satisfy Hubby's agenda items #1, 4 & 6. (Pozole with pork, tamales & a chile relleno at Tamales y Atoles Any. Great food, by the way.)

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