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Posted by LindaFox on October 20, 2001 at 09:48:57:

In Reply to: driving to zihuatanejo posted by kerstin on October 19, 2001 at 20:16:38:

Since I've done this drive a zillion times, I'll tell you a couple of the options.
1.Take the toll roads from Laredo thru Monterrey, Satillo,(57) to Mexico City. South of the City, toll road to Acapulco and then on to Zihuat. Very safe and very expensive ($150.00 US more or less one way)
2. Cross at Renoysa or Matamoras and take 101 thru Cuidad Victoria to 57. South on 57 to Queretero and then toll toward Colima. At the end of the toll road you go on to La Piedad and then up 37 toward Morelia and Uruapan. New toll out of Uruapan to Lazaro (almost complete) and then to Z. Not a lot of traffic and very scenic.
Either drive can be done in a hard two days or easy three.
If you cross early, you can easily make Queretero and I always stay at Azteca as you're entering town. Cheap, clean and you don't have to go into the center of the city for a hotel which after a long drive can be frustrating.
In Uruapan, I like the Pie de la Montana as you enter town. Gorgeous place, good food and drink and fairly inexpensive.
I personally will do anything to avoid driving in Mexico City, especially after a very nasty incident a few years back. In thirty years of driving back and forth to Texas, only one negative experience and tons of positive. I've broken down a few times and ended up being the guest of some wonderful helpful folks. Just don't drive after dark and you shouldn't encounter any problems.
About long term rental. If you're arriving during high season, long term can be hard to find--not impossible but not easy either.
Consider making a reservation at very inexpensive casa2amigos while you're looking for a place. They do have openings right now and there is a website link thru Rob's site.
Best of luck.

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