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Posted by Laura on January 01, 2001 at 15:15:16:

In Reply to: More info on Barra de Potosi??? posted by Raymona on December 26, 2000 at 19:39:05:

Hi Raymona,

The lagoon-estuary of La Barra de Potosi is a pristine gorgeous series of interconnecting lagoons which at high points during the rainy season stretches extensively along the coast between the airport and for sure all the way to the Lagoon of San Valentin (Yikes! I shouldn't even mention that name... too beautiful) anyway to the salt mines on the far side somewhere near La Chole and Petatlan. I doubt it goes all the way to Acapulco.

Our particular lagoon is usually about 9 kilometers wide at the widest point though remember this varies all the time (wet/dry season... wet, dry year etc.). The lagoon is fed by fresh water from two rivers and also gets sea water from the Bay of Potosi during the part of the year when it opens to the ocean at La Barra de Potosi. That's most of the year between August and whenever the water level recedes into the dry season usually sometime like in March or so. The water level is shallow enough to stand up and pull a little canoe walking in many spots but there are parts which are deeper canals and hold motorized boats and divers looking for fish. The area arounteh opening to the beach where the enramada restaurants are is great for swimming. The water is cooler than the ocean most of the year. Watch for times when there may be a current from the incoming or outgoing tide. You'll often see the local families and kids swimming there. Some areas are knee deep around the mouth but this varies depending on the time of the year.

The local fishermen go out in flat bottomed canoes two or three or one alone. They fish for a variety of fish and shrimp using round nets they toss gracefully in a circular motion standing up in the boat. It's like a dream watching them. They have a shrimp farm in one part run by the Barra de Potosi fishing cooperative.

The birdlife is abundant. I wish my memory for their names were better to tell you. Someone once gave me a Peterson's guide and some binoculars but I still can just say, "Wow, it's fantastic to see the beautiful birds we see here!" Lots of tall crane like birds, herons, egrets and many many more. The edges of the canals are lined with Mangrove trees. There is a stillness which soothes the battered soul though you can hear the roar of the surf in the background as you explore in a flat bottomed canoe you can rent for 50 pesos from the enramada restaurants lining the entrance of the lagoon at the beach.

What can I say, I love the lagoon! This is a very special place. Lots of people are so enamored of the beach here (understandable) they don't notice this treasure. Here we have both. I'm spoiled and enjoying it very much. I'm having my own pango/flat bottomed canoe made which I plan to paint in bright colors and have the kids help me paint with flowers.

Hasta luego,
Barra de Potosi

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