The firstday-the adventure continues

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Posted by Philliz from (?) on jueves, abril 25, 2002 at 23:33:44 :

We landed at the Zihua Airport at 9:30 AM, stepped off the plane, felt the tropical heat and the snow and the cold and long 30 hours since we left for the Calgary airport all seemed unimportant now.

The air was so warm and inviting, we realized why we had felt so bad not being able to come last year. Somehow the airport seemed bigger than I remembered it. We walked through doing all the necessary things, including pushing the button to get the green light. Someone was trying to offer us a taxi but we knew we just wanted to get a “collectivo”. We paid our $45 each and headed outside.

Once outside we were expecting to see the old VW vans lined up waiting for passengers like the last time we were there; instead there were a line of new Suburbans. We gathered that the airport taxi system was doing OK. We asked which one was going to Zihuatanejo and after a bit of a hassle we were boarded and on our way. Luckily (we thought) there were only three other people in the vehicle. The fellow in the front was going to the bus depot so the driver took him there first. The driver then drove on asking us where we wanted to go and we told him Hotel Cartier on Pedro Escensio and the couple behind us said “ El Presidente”. Between us and the driver, who was limited to Spanish, we managed to make them understand that they had gotten on the wrong bus. The driver said he would take them there but it would cost them $20 more. They agreed and we were off-TO IXTAPA. We looked at each other when the driver didn’t turn at the “el Centro” sign and decided we were taking one more detour but rather than make a stink we just decided to go along for the ride. After our little trip to Ixtapa the drive asked us “que calle?” and we had to explain that it was the street that went in front of the church . He entered the street from the church and managed to get within one half block of Cartier before getting blocked in traffic. After a small standoff about who was going to back out we just took our bags, tipped the driver and walked.

We arrived at the Cartier hoping to find Duane but he was not in. Angela was nice enough to phone him for us and he came down in 15 minutes. He had decided something must have gone wrong and was hoping it was nothing serious and glad to see us. Better late than never. He took us to the apartment that we had booked sight unseen and it was all that we had hoped for.

After getting settled and getting ready for the beach , we set out for Playa Madera (five minutes away) . Elisabeth in her 36 sunblock and me in my 15(I have less sensitive skin). We ordered our first cervesa, had our first swim in the ocean, our first lunch on the beach and finally felt like we were in paradise

more mini-reports to come
Phil and Liz

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