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Posted by Philliz from (?) on domingo, mayo 05, 2002 at 20:12:47 :

We love the Playa Larga/Blanco area and tend to walk a great of it whenever we are down.

Mar 31,2002, we caught the minibus in Zihua Centro for $6 each and headed to Playa Larga. The Bus let us off at the entrance road a couple of Km before the airport where another minibus was waiting. This bus was also around $6 or $7and took us to the beach where we were let off about the middle of the restaurant area. We went down to the beach and began to walk. We first went west as far as the restaurant area goes then east to the other end. By this time we had been walking for over an hour and were quit thirsty. We walked back to the “La Langosta” for cervesas. It was a pleasant place where we stayed until mid afternoon drinking $15 beer and having $35 ceviche for lunch. The ceviche was very good and they gave us a good-sized bowl. We swam in the ocean and dipped in the pool and in between watched the “banditos” (aka whales) and dolphins. At one time the dolphins were 50 meters for Elisabeth. The ocean can get rough here and unless you are very comfortable in that type of surf we would recommend that you use the pools that the enramadas provide or just wade in the ocean. Mid afternoon we decided to move to the west end of the beach and try a different restaurant. We ended up at the “El Cuate, Club de Playa Resaurante Familiar” where we stayed until we caught the bus back to Zihua. I don’t remember the waiter’s name but the young man was a runner. It was busy and he ran everywhere he went to keep up. The food- Camerones ajo @ $65 and Fillet Diablo @ $50 were good and large enough portions to satisfy the average appetite. Two combies back and we are in Zihua for the evening.

April 1,2002. We catch the big Petetlan bus at 9 o’clock out to Las Achotes for $7 each then the Pasajera
(truck) $8 to Barra. We got off in the village at the street to Laura’s and walked down to her B &B. We had not met Laura before so it was very nice to meet her. She was not feeling well that morning so we only had a short visit and left the things for the children. She is a very nice lady and we thank her for showing us around. On leaving there we walked down to the laguna and on the insistence of a nice Mexican lady in an enramada close to the end away for the ocean stopped for a beer and had a good conversation (as well as we can in Spanish). We then moved on down to the “Condeso” (last enramada toward hotel) where Laura had suggested, and claimed our table for the day. As it was early still, there were not too many people there but as the day went on it did get busier. We swam in the ocean often here as it is fairly calm and we are both comfortable with the surf. We had a mid afternoon meal- Pescado Frito blanco $50 and huachamango $60 which were very good and large helpings. You can still get beer for $10 all day there so one can enjoy the day with out spending a lot. About 4 o’clock we packed up our packsack and headed out to the beach. We walked west along the beach to the corner where the Pasajera turns away from the beach towards Los Achotes. It took us about one hour and we noticed that there were a lot of new developments where there used to be only the Hotel Barra de Potosi. We just missed a Pasajera so we had to wait for the next one. While we were waiting 4 more locals also came to wait for the truck. They were knocking the seedpods off the tree where we were waiting and eating the insides. They showed us which ones were ready to eat and we spent time knocking the pods out of the tree. The ones that were ready were splitting and had a white seed showing. The seed was nutty tasting and although the first one tasted unusual by the time we left they were starting to get addictive. They told us the name of the tree in Spanish but we have forgotten what it is. By this time it was about 5:30 and another pasajera came. Of course at this time all the venders and tourists are leaving and the truck is very full: we counted 20 people including the driver as well as all the vender’s supplies. We did manage to get 6 more on, Elisabeth in the cab, some on top the cab and me hanging by my fingers to the back. We got back to Los Achotes and there was a bus-waiting there to take us back to Zihua.

April 4, 2002, we catch an early bus out to the airport. We get off at the road to the beach (locally called Playa los Pozos) just before the airport. We start walking and after a Km or so a pickup truck came along. We asked if we could hitch a ride to the beach. Normally we would go to the Morros restaurant and start walking the beach from there but since he was going on we decided to ride a little further. Where Morros used to be the only restaurant things have changed. Just beyond Tree Tops is a new enramada called “Punta Diamante”. We got off just before the restaurant and walked down to the beach. We spent some time on the beach and then went on to the restaurant. It is a very nice clean establishment and very friendly staff. We only had guacamole as we did bring our own lunch not knowing what we would find. The guacamole was great and the portion for the price was large. After spending time swimming in the pool and ocean, snacking and drinking we decided we had better get on with our walk. We left promising the waiter that we would return on Saturday and spend the whole day. We walked along the beach stopping once to eat our sandwich and have a swim. We proceeded on to find the Hotel Los Palmas that we had heard so much about on the board. After walking 2 to 3 Km we came upon a place that we felt had to be it. We approached the stone wall and found the entrance to a beautifully landscaped yard. As we walked across the yard to the pool we noticed someone sitting at the bar and realized it was Shari from her picture on her web site. She was a little bit shocked, at first, that two people would appear out of the sea and know her name, but once she relaxed turned out to be a very pleasant lady with a wonderful sense of He Ha. We had a nice visit drinking a couple of beer and after getting invited back on Saturday for her birthday party we walked on. Our goal again was the corner where the pasajera turns away from the beach road. Three Km or so of walking and we arrived at our bus stop. As we waited for the pasajera we could hear music way down the road. It was music box type music like you hear from the ice-cream man in the cities. We very patiently waited as the VW van approached at about 2 Km/Hr. Sure enough, it was the ice cream van. It was driven by a boy about 8 years old and the ice cream window was manned by two older boys who served the ice cream and collected the money. We had our ice cream and by then we were 6 people waiting for the truck again. This time we were only 25 on the truck instead of 26 but it was no less hard to hold on but we did make it back to Zihua.

Saturday April 6, 2002. This is supposed to be our return to Punta Diamante and Las Palmas. I am having stomach cramps and decide it is not a good day to go walking for hours far from a baño. Sorry we missed your Birthday party Shari, we hope you had a great time and we may just surprise you again another year.

April 7, 2002, We did manage to spend the day at the Punta Diamante which we enjoyed very much. The waiter was very surprised to see us and remembered we were to be there Saturday but understood when we explained why we were not. The food is excellent, the staff friendly and the prices reasonable. There is not much English spoken here so be careful to bring your dictionary if you are not fluent in Spanish. The waves are fairly high here at times and Elisabeth found it too hard to swim in the ocean so used the pool. They have a 5-foot deep pool on the beach to cool off in so swimming in the ocean is not necessary. After a great time and a wonderful meal we walked the beach to Morros enramada where we had another drink then went out to the road to hitch a ride to the bus stop at the airport. A couple of very nice american ladies living a t Barra picked us up and gave us a ride all the way into centro.

As I said we have a liking for this long beach and hope to be back many times in the future. It is such a lovely beach to walk.

Phil and Liz

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