Shneedle Performs Zihua

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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on lunes, mayo 27, 2002 at 11:57:14 :

Wolfe (Shneedle) Bowart
Shneedle on his way to perform at the zócalo

Shneedle having fun with the crowd
Shneedle and a volunteer from the audience getting ready to juggle

I thought you would enjoy these photos from Shneedle's performance last night. Although the lighting was poor, and his volunteer was not one of the brightest members of the audience, Shneedle was a big hit! And a Zihuatanejo audience is a tough crowd to play to. They are usually very apathetic, but he had everyone in stitches in spite of the poor lighting and a volunteer who was a bit slow. The audience loved his act and gave him a rousing ovation!

Boy, are those kids at La Barra de Potosí in for a treat tomorrow!

Thank you for such a wonderful time, Shneedle! Zihuatanejo loves you!

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