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Posted by Brad from ( on domingo, junio 30, 2002 at 01:28:42 :

In Reply to: Playa La Salidita - info request posted by beach etiquette from ( on sábado, junio 29, 2002 at 20:19:27 :

I surfed Saladita in March for the first time. I rented a car in Zihua and drove up and my understanding is that there is no public transport to the place.

It was well worth the effort and expense of the rental car. We caught it well overhead each day and the wave is one of the most perfect lefts I'd ever seen in the area. Very forgiving and basically just a long, long pretty forgiving left that never wants to stop. The bottom is rock, some smooth some not so smooth, with sand in spots. You have to be a little cautious of the bottom when you first get in, but it wasn't a factor once you paddle out about 30 yards. I wiped out on several occassions and never found the bottom on the outside so it wasn't a worry. You'll want be prepared for some long paddle time when you ride one in a long way, but you can easily paddle over the shoulders all the way back out.

There's a couple of restaurants on the beach with great food and low prices. The locals seemed to appreciate having the visiting surfers there to eat in their restaurant so you should be well accepted. I didn't see any "locals" in the water, everyone was from Texas, California or Down Under. Mostly longboarders since the wave tends to favor a longer wider board. If you're the sharing type you should have a great time in the water.

I hope you find a way to get out there. It's a special wave and a special place.

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