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Posted by Suzie - Central Ore. from ( on sábado, julio 20, 2002 at 14:39:27 :

Hi Everyone:

We had a fabulous time. My first impression of the area and everything simply stated is WOW, this is so cool!

We got on the plane at PDX at about 6:30AM and flew to LAX got on the plane there at about 10ish. All the flights were on time and Alaska's service was great. On the way from LAX to ZIH they had us fill out all the paperwork for Imigration and Customs. Finally we land in ZIH and for the first time that day I was warm. I had been freezing cool all day and that tropical air felt sooooo good!

So, we head to the Imigration area and you can choose on of three lines to get in as a foreigner which are lines 2,3 and 4. Line 1 is for the Mexican nationals. We got in line 2 and the Imigration officer processed all of the Mexican nationals first (understandably) before the foreigners. Joe my husband said, "Man we can't even go to a foreign country and pick a fast line!" But, after the Imigration Gentleman finished with the nationals he processed us pretty darn fast.

Next we got our bags and went to Customs and I was ahead of the family and the Customs guy asked if we were a family I said yes and he had me push the button and it was green. Then he let the rest of the family pass without pushing the button. I thought that was interesting. After that, we found our ride to the hotel and watched in awe as the scenery went by.

We were greeted at the Dorado Pacifico in Ixtapa very warmly and got all checked in and our room was on the top floor right in the very middle of the peak front of the hotel facing the Ocean. It as a KILLER view. The only thing bad about our room was the beds. A slab of cement would have been more comfortable. But, I didn't want to move from the room. We had our maid Lidia put an extra blanket around the matress for some cushion and that helped a little.

7/11 we wen to Zihua and Joe had the cab driver drop us off at the Public Library. The only problem was, I had left the two books were donating to the library at the hotel. I was mildly irritated at myself the that, Oh, and I forgot the map of El Centro too. Anyway, from memory I got us down to the Playa Principal and met a nice guy name Luis at the Casa Arcadia Restaurant and he pointed the way to tourista center. What was funny though, standing at the street after getting directions from Luis I turned around and there was Lupita's shop! So I knew that Rob's place was close. It was so very nice to meet Rob at last.

Anyway after enjoying Rob's A/C and having a lovely visit, we did go back to the Casa Arcadia and had some Nachos and Cervasa de Sol, Joe's new favorite Beer. The girls and I were getting hungry and we downed 3 orders of the Nachos! After that we wandered over to the Artisians market and did a little shopping and that was great fun. I was starting to feel a little tired and wilted so we haled a cab and went home. We went swimming (did that everyday) and drank more Cervasas, it was the perfect life for me.

On 7/12 the our girls did the "Encounter with the Dolphins" thing and they had so much fun. Spent the rest of the day relaxing and doing nothing but swimmng and drinking Sol. :-) For Linner (that's what we call a 3PM meal Lunch/Dinner is Linner) Our youngest wanted a hamburger so we asked the Bellmen where was a good place for burgers. We sent us to Momma Normas & Deborah. She is a lovely ladie and the food their is GREAT. We ate there several times. I discovered I like Vanilla ice cream with Chocolate Liqueur.

We went to Zihua on Monday the 15th and also the 16th. On the 15th we made it to the Public Library and by this time Joe's spanish is getting pretty good. The lady there at the library was very appreciative and very gracious. The children were pretty interested in the Americanos and what they were doing there. After the library we made our way over to Playa Las Gatas and checked things out. We met some new friends from the Hotel there and visited in the shade and drank more Sol and the girl played in the water.

On the 16th we got Las Gatas early in the morning and spent the whole day there swimming, snorkeling, eating and drinking. Oh, I was talked into a Pina Colada and what I got was huge pinapple with a face on it made from the core of the pineapple, oranges
and marachino cherries for the eyes. I was very overwhelmed by it all, it was pretty funny. We took pictures.

I LOVE snorkeling!!!!! Joe and I decided that we will buy the girls their own snorkeling gear for the next time. My children were in awe of the whole experience. Both would come in from the water just all excited about what they had seen underwater. Everyday was fun, but I think that was our funnest day of all.

Of all the people we met there wasn't a single rude or obnoxious person. The cab drivers were a Hoot.

Our trip back to the states on Thursday the 18th was like clock work and all in all it was the best vacation EVER!!!!

Well I have to go the In-laws just arrived and I need to give them thier gifts.

Suzie :-)

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