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Posted by Carol in Seattle from ( on lunes, julio 22, 2002 at 22:16:04 :

1. Our stay at Villa Mexicana on Playa La Ropa
2. Our stay at the Villas at the Barcelo on Play El Palmar
3. My accident

1. We had quite a trip. We usually use our Timeshares at the Villas, a part of the Barcelo in Ixtapa. After reading the glorious reports about staying on Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo we decided we must try it. Maybe we were missing something. Again,
after reading about Villa Mexicana in reports by Curley, Candice and others we e-mailed for prices and availability. Our response came within the hour. We e-mailed back with chosen dates and type of room and nothing came back. Not today, not tomorrow and not the next day. I sent a fax. Wow! They responed again within the hour. We were on our way the end of April for 6 days on La Ropa and 6 days in Ixtapa. We fell in love. Villa Mexicana is wonderful. We were not in a remodeled room but we had a wonderful view of the bay. It was fun getting up in the morning and stumbling over to Paty's or Elvira's for breakfast. As has been said the hotel food and prices left much to be desired. We slowly walked the beach both ways each day. No reason to hurry. Really got a good look at Casa Que Canta and Villa del Sol. They are so different. We decided that if we had to pick one, it would be Villa del Sol. One of the highlights of this part of our stay was meeting a charming foursome from New Zealand. Each couple had an insurance business near Wellington. They had been to Cancun for a convention and were making three, four day stops on their way back. We spent beach, cocktail and dinner times with them. We took them to our favorite Casa Bahia. They loved the beautiful view, the quality and taste of the food and the interesting wine list. It was an evening not soon to be forgotten. The whole experience on Play La Ropa has, by now, become a very pleasant memory that we would love to repeat. We do, however, have our Timeshares so it was now time to move on to the Villas at the Barcelo in Ixtapa.

2. As the taxi drove up to to Barcelo we felt like we had come home again. It really has a beautiful entrance and lobby. We were greeted by familar faces and smiles with hugs and kisses all the way from the door of the taxi to the door of our room. Some of the Timeshare people, many of whom have become "friends", came to our room to say "hi". You people that dislike them so much should try talking to them. They don't bite. (We haven't bought from any of them. We bought on the secondary market on the internet.) We quickly changed to swimming suits and headed for the pool. The noise was deafening after being on La Ropa. Alex and his whistle, a million kids and loud music dominated the scene. It took us only about 10 minutes to figure out there had been no school the week before in the bigger cities of Mexico, the new road to Morelia was open and the hotel was at 100%. This was Friday. By Monday it was a little quieter. The hotel was 60-70% the rest of the week. I like to see the hotels full but that was a little much. The Timeshare rooms are in two separate three story buildings apart from the main tower. We love it there.

3. My accident.........or what not to do on a vacation. Where should I start? The bottom line is that I am happy, home and healing. We can't wait to go back. Our next trip is the first part of November 2002.
O.K. When you are a senior, as I am, ( and we think we are "young seniors"!) sometimes we get cramps in our legs at night from extra walking. I was very innocently walking off a leg cramp at 2:00 AM in the dark on our last night when I took one step down into the sitting room. The problem was, there are two steps there, not one. They are marble and concrete and fairly high. Somehow I fell very hard sideways between a couch and glass coffee table and broke my hip. The nightmare began. A doctor was called to the hotel; all night staff came to our room. I was painfully transferred to a stretcher and to a waiting ambulance and on to a very nice clean clinic with hospital rooms in Zihuatanejo. The doctor was wonderful, was in our room 13 minutes after he was called, spoke excellent English and organized everything for us. They shot me up with everything they could find so the pain went from excruciating to terrible. I had wonderful care at the clinic
.The nurses and helpers were clean, cute and didn't speak a word of English. My husband checked us out of the hotel. We were lear jetted to Phoenix very quickly. The cost was $16,302 paid partly by my insurance. The plane was just big enough for two pilots, two doctors, my husband and I and our luggage. I has surgery in Phoenix, had complications, and finally left for home in Seattle two weeks after we had arrived. We wanted to go to Seattle by lear jet but it was $27,900 and the insurance people would not participate in the cost. Good old Alaska goes to Phoenix anyway so all was well. They, also, were wonderful. As I said, I am happy, home and healing and anxious to go back. Am I dumb, or what?

In summary: We didn't go out of the area this time as we usually do. We just bummed around the hotels, beaches and towns. I had my usual hair cut at Chachi's salon near Rob's office. Husband had his manicure and pedicure. Rob was in so we had our usual nice chat with him. Somehow we missed Lupita. We saw a fun, well orchestrated Sunday night show at the basketball court which we won't ever miss again. We ate lots of good food at all our favorite places. Among our new favorites is the Bay Club which is quite elegant and in the upper price ranges and Puesta del Sol where the Toku Toucan birds now reside. It is next door to KauKan. We knew the birds were on that hill some place and found them quite accidently. We had tableside flambes that were excellent, fun and very reasonable. We ate at LaPerla, Paty's Mar Y Mar, breakfast at the marina, lobster at JJ's in Ixtapa, breakfast and dinner at Daniel's, dinner at Mama Norma's and Deborah, buffet breakfast at the Barcelo (always good) and our usual breakfast at Bananas. The fruit plate this time was on a huge platter and those pancakes are to die for. Our first night is always at Carlos and Charlies'.....gets us in the Mexican mood. I love the Taco Platter and husband likes the Ribs.

Did we have a good time? Most certainly. Were we lucky to wait 'til the last night to break my hip? Yes, again.

We will soon as I can walk!
Gunner and Carol

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