trip report part 2

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Posted by JEF from ( on domingo, julio 28, 2002 at 19:48:39 :

Trip report part 2
We were glad to be heading out of town since our place was very noisy with street traffic, construction noise and we
wanted to be on the beach without having to put forth any effort. We had checked out a few places to stay in case
we wanted more Zihua time before heading home and think our two picks would be Villas Mexicana and Villas
Emma. Villas Emma would be our low budget option, though it looks very nice and would be tranquil if the
construction at Villas del Sol were not happening. It was also quickly approaching the popular Mexican holiday
period and the beach was getting busy.
So we pick up our car ( Hertz A very friendly agent who spoke almost no English but had the prettiest smile and such
a sweet disposition. No problems so far...) and trek to Mexicana commercial to stock up on paper plates, Imodium,
Chilean white wine ( not great but transforms itself when being sipped under an umbrella on the beach). Our first
drive into Troncones was unforgettable. There were dogs , pigs, burros, cows and to a lesser extent children,
everywhere. The street(s) is pot holed dirt with the occasional mud puddle which slows you down so you don’t run
into the critters. For our entire stay in Troncones I never once saw any dogs fighting or treating each other with
aggression. Sometimes we saw a dog trying to evict burros or cows from their yard or beach front, but never each
other. They were sometimes skinny and mangy looking but all seemed friendly. Don’t mean to go on but it was very
impressive. Delfin Sonriente is quite away down the road from ‘town’ and though it has neighbors it is like an Oasis.
Lulu was mopping the large tile entryway, a sight I came to find as welcoming. as if it were my grandmother. Our
room was the Rose suite and was the only one with air-conditioning which most nights was very much needed. It has
it’s own patio which fronts the beach. The oh so lovely beach. We dropped our bags, grabbed our boogie boards and
hit the sand . This took maybe 30 seconds. The water was perfect that day, calmer than any of the days to follow and
just plain perfect. After a while I came out to sit on the beach and felt almost drunk with the awesome beauty and the
fact that other than my husband and son there was no one else within sight on the whole of the long beach. This too
became a standard experience. One day the surf out front was pretty good and we had maybe 6 or 7 other people in
‘our’ waves. My son was actually complaining about the crowds...
We ate at the Inn at Manzanillo that night. I like there chile rellenos and margaritas my husband had the fish in tequila
sauce which we all thought not nearly as good as what we make. My son had the hamburger and liked it, it sure
looked good, but it didn’t quite get it for him that night. Back ‘home’ we went for a swim in the pool and watched
the bats zip in and out for a drink. At this point I am thinking, “ please put this in the books as my interpretation of
heaven” . Could hardly sleep that night, although the beds were VERY comfy, because I wanted the day to begin.
Another great thunder and lightning storm out at sea. That was a huge interference in my being able to sleep. These
things are like 2:00 am light shows and never failed to awe me and invoke me to sit up and watch at least for a little
Next day: It is just us at the B&B, the other part having checked out. I am in major fantasy land about this being my
house, however, Lulu made breakfast, not me. Delfin’s resident dog and cat added to the ‘at home’ feeling. My
husband just boogie boards that day since the swell is not working right for our area. I alternated between the pool
lounge chairs and the beach lounge chairs and the clear water/white froth ocean and the pool and then discovered the
hammock at siesta time. Up in time to rice and beans for dinner... not a good stomach day for any of us. I begin
thinking about how to see a doctor. This evening a new guy checks in. A really nice guy who teaches in L.A. Next
day we all head out in our car to check surf spots. If you are here to surf a car, or willing friends are a necessity. We
head to a place called the ‘Ranch’ way out in the boonies. Our new friend speaks fluent Spanish and we pummel him
for translations. It was so great that he was with us the first time we were stopped by the Federalies because not only
did he know the drill, but he could talk to them. It made all the other times that much easier for us. At the ‘Ranch’
outlook we stopped to look. We were swarmed with what must have been 10000 mosquitoes. I swear! And swear I
did as my husband sat there swatting away saying “be patient, I want to wait for a set” I think I now understand the
feeling of being ambushed. And no, no one had insect repellant. The beach was too rocky for me so I sat and worked
on my tan and my gazing skills, planning what to make for dinner. Fun day, some good waves, and I am ready for
pork fahitas. Great avocados at the little tiende in Troncones, and more limes for my don Julio. I don’t care what my
stomach feels like! It is so wonderful to cook outdoors with the waves crashing and the fireflies lighting up! In the
pool after dinner to swim with the bats again.

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