Trip report 3

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Posted by JEF from ( on lunes, julio 29, 2002 at 12:28:19 :

Trip report 3
Off to Zihua for fresh fish and fresh tortillas. We found the tortilla counters to be a fantastic time saver. We had
located a tortilla press at our home but it was so much easier to buy them fresh by the 20ís or 30ís. Our favorite spots
were the place across the street from the Centro Mercado, and in the large Commercial Mexicana which sells delish
salsa right there too. Today we found a whole Pompano at the pescadoria(sp). The stall I like best is in the 2 or
middle row, at the left corner. The woman has a young baby who sits with the father as she prepares your order. So
sweet to see. She skins and bones the fish with ultra fast skill. I did not want the head or tail which she seemed to
think odd, she might have thought I was odd entirely but she never indicated that. This was our second time to her
stall but we came back 2x more. Next we got our shrimp one counter up. When buying shrimp I am like a kid in the
ice-cream store: my eyes are bigger than my stomach, or in this case my tolerance for peeling . My husband is a great
and usually willing peeler but still... those heads are sharp!. Tonight we have our housemate joining us for dinner. My
first time entertaining in Mexico. Took our goodies home, went surfing and gazing for a couple hours then back in to
Zihua for lunch. My very very favorite spot is Tamales Any. Prior to eating there I was not a very large woman. My
husband became hooked on her pork posole with the side shots of mescal, which he kindly shares with me. This is
NOT the mescal I have had in the states. This could have us sitting here a while longer studying the differences.
Unfortunately our schedule has us up and moving. We want to go to Barra de Potosi for a couple of hours.
If there is a sign for the turn off, we never saw it instead we ended up in Petalan. Not very happily. I donít remember
who on this board wrote about the scary bus ride to Petalan, but you were so right. Driving a little bug may have been
worse. I did not count the # of times we shrieked OH NO only to have nothing happen. It appears people hate being
behind the busses. We thought they went fast enough but we must have been wrong. Who knows, if we stayed longer
in Mexico we may have been passing them too. I say this because another Mexican custom which we initially found
so bizarre and inexplicable... cars speeding up to pass at the topes only to soon there after turn off... found us doing
the same thing. Somehow it just began to make sense. Anyway, this day we hurry back to the peace and tranquility of
home. I cannot sufficiently express how incredible it felt. If you have been to Troncones you know. We play in the
ocean and drink in the sun and don Julio for a couple hours before starting dinner. The shrimp tonight we be simple:
grilled and then tossed with garlic butter, my sonís choice. The pompano is likewise grilled ( the house has grill
baskets or I would not have chosen this method) it is very lightly rubbed with a blend of very finely grated lime peel,
very finely powdered red chili, a little orange juice and salt. Yummy. Almost every meal has the once fresh tortillas
which this night we also warm on the grill. Tonight it is raining, a warm luxuriant rain. Unfortunately the bats donít
seem to like being out in it. Oh well.
Up early to surf at Salditas, where the water looks horrible! The rain swollen river has turned this usually clear water
to chocolate. The guys only notice the increased swell. Sorry but I am not much for gazing at brown foaming
anything. Back in Troncones the water is still clear and warm and lovely. I am almost willing to acknowledge that I
am addicted. My husband and I take our daily walk on the beach collecting sea urchins, and memories of deep
relaxation for our life back in the states. Tonight is Inn at Manzanillo again. Good food, still good marguerites and
nice people.
Next couple of days were a blissful blur of sun, beautiful vistas on the beach, great food and peace. We play many
(MANY) games of cards and Yatzee and pool basketball with our son. A wonderful bonding time with no TV.
Next day a road trip to Urapan.

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