Barra de Potosi and Casa del Encanto

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Posted by Nicholle from ( on martes, agosto 13, 2002 at 13:28:55 :

First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this board--I've been an anonymous lurker and decided to take my fiancee and I on a trip to Zihua based on your reports. The majority of our time was blissfully spent in Barra de Potosi, with gracious hosts Laura and Noyo at their B&B Casa del Encanto. This is one of those places where time stands still, where friends still respectfully call each other "Don" y "Dona", even strangers are politely greeted on the street, houses remain open to catch the open breeze, and all of the kids play in the streets (I'm a native of LA recently transplanted to the Bay area, so this atmosphere was refreshing for me). We enjoyed reading by candlelight in the courtyard of the casa to the sounds of the fountain and the laughter of children, going over to neighboring houses for homemade tortillas and dinner, relaxing in the hammock at the private beach enremada, and watching gorgeous sunsets through the coconut plantation...Laura and Noyo treated us like friends in town for a visit, invited us to a local baptism party, took us on a trip with them to the fair in Petatlan, introduced us to neighbors (many will give you a good deal on a kayak or horseback ride, or a custom-made dress), and pampered us with delicious breakfasts and a memorable dinner feast. (Noyo's chile rellenos are the best we have ever had, and we have had plenty in our day :) Laura is highly respected and loved in the village for her work with neighborhood children, so if you visit, bring some children's books or art supplies with you for them. Also, she has a plan for ensuring that the village will be able to sustain the growth of tourism and remain livable and safe for its people---so if you are a grant writer, make sure to get in touch with her!

This truly was a place of enchantment for us. Hopefully you will find it the same.
thanks again!
con amistad--

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