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Posted by scott from ( on domingo, septiembre 08, 2002 at 17:14:41 :

Iíd first like to thank everybody for the positive response youíve given to me for this trip report. The comments and encouragement has exceeded my wildest expectations and Iím grateful. I love to read travelogues and I guess at least a little bit of Theroux, Bryson, Cahill, or any of a dozen other authors may have struck a chord in this tired old brain of mine. Not that I would be so bold as to suggest that what Iíve written compares in anyway whatsoever with what comes from that class of writer, but I have had fun and Iím happy with the results. The best part of this exercise is that by writing this trip report, Iíve been able to relive a fantastic vacation. Moira has insisted that I print off a copy of the entire report to keep in the family photo album.

We would also like to thank Rob for his wonderful service to those of us who love Zihuatanejo and, for the majority anyway, are not fortunate enough to live there. When we were deciding last year where to take our vacation, and were considering Zih, it was Zihu@Robís board and its participants who sealed the deal. The great reports, the detailed information about the beaches and hotels and restaurants and shops, and the overall atmosphere of enjoyment was just too great to ignore. Somewhere in the middle of this vacation week, we stopped by Robís office after hours. The door was locked, but the lights were on and Rob was kind enough to open up and say hi. We didnít want to bother him so it was a quick hello and we were on our way. Iím sorry we didnít make it back for a little longer conversation, but Iím sure Rob understands how time can disappear on a vacation.

I still donít know what exactly it is about the area that has drawn us back three vacations in a row. Perhaps itís that Zih is a livable town, with real life and not just big hotels. But weíve been to plenty of those, so perhaps itís the pretty beaches and warm water. Then again, the Caribbean is all about beaches and water, so it must be the great seafood and ample opportunity for eating well. Of course, that canít just be it because here in California we have our lobster and crab and fish and lots of talented chefs. And while the people weíve met in Zih are some of the friendliest around, Mexico is full of friendly people willing to share whatever they have with you as you travel through their country and take the time to learn their culture and enjoy the gifts that God gave them. No, I cannot say for sure why Zih is special other than it combines everything Iíve listed above and much more than that. What I can say is that a theme weíve discovered about people who visit Zihuatanejo is that they return time and time again.

The (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek suggestion that funds be raised to move my family down to Zih is well received, by me anyway. From the first trip, Iíve been consistently raising the idea with Moira. Of course, my Spanish would need to improve dramatically, but thatís a minor point compared with all of the other things one deals with when making such a life change, not to mention the compounding of issues because of a child. But the idea of owning a bed and breakfast, or restaurant, or some other business runs strong and deep, and I have noticed that a certain type of restaurant is sorely missing from the area yet would probably do as well as any restaurant could. Whether a move would ever happen is beyond my ability to predict, but I do admit that right now, itís an enjoyable fantasy.

To end, Iíd just like to say to anybody considering a visit to Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa that even with all of the great information available on the Internet or in books, a trip is what you make of it because in many ways you are the trip. If you can temporarily put aside personal perspectives and previous social experiences and leave the expectations and preconceived notions at home, youíll ultimately have a better time and perhaps be a better traveler. A good friend who travels (and not just sightsees) a lot has taught us that a little surprise here and there is good for the soul and that discomfort is not something to be afraid of, but rather treasured as a reminder that not everything goes as planned. Sometimes our plans are best left unfulfilled.

Thanks again for all of the support and camaraderie.

Scott, Moira, and Justin

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