thorough transportation information to Playa Blanca and La Barra de Potosi

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Posted by Laura on Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 12:35:54 :

In Reply to: Getting to Playa Blanca posted by stephanie on Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 12:32:22 :

Hello Stephanie,

I'll add my transportation to La Barra tome at the end of this. It's a bit long but I hope it helps. The road from Los Achotes is about halfway paved. It was supposed to be finished by the season but you know... For purposes of clarity, I'll mention that the long beach along the Bayof Potosi just south of Zihua is divided into three areas. Sometimes the names of these three areas get used interchangably. The north part is Playa Larga and has it's own separate access road just south of Zihua. The middle section is officially Playa Blanca. This area is less developed and public transportation does not yet go directly to it. In this middle section of the bay of Potosi, there is only one hotel and restaurant which is the new luxury hotel called Las Palmas. The southern end is the village and beach area (and lagoon) called Barra de Potosi. I hope the following transportation information to our area will be helpful to all of you!

Getting to Casa del Encanto in Barra de Potosi:
Transportation options to and from La Barra to Zihua and the Airport.

1. Taxi... La Barra de Potosi is about 15 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes ride from Zihuatanejo. There are two access roads once leaving the four lane highway at the airport. My personal favorite is the airport/beach road that is accessed from the 4 lane highway just before it ends at the airport - a little dirt road, last turnoff before entering the airport. The other access is from Hi 200 toward Acapulco turning off toward the ocean at Los Achotes. Either way is about 12 kilometers through beautiful scenery in undeveloped countryside –one along the beach, the other past lovely lagoons and mango and coconut plantations. Be sure to tell the driver that Casa del Encanto is inside the village… and known better among villagers as Dona Laura’s house.
The taxis are charging $300 from the airport and 200 pesos from Zihua these days. Catching a taxi out of La Barra on the rebound is possible (more likely near noon on the weekend since they are dropping people off at the restaurants) but you can't rely on it. A phone call from Casa del Encanto, one of the Public Casetas (public telephone services in the village) or somebody's cell phone usually gets a taxi here in 30 minutes. This is the most comfortable and the quickest way to move between Zihua and La Barra. The taxi driver can also take the route by the Acapulco highway/Los Achotes. The time is about the same. I prefer the beach road because I love to look at the ocean. Taxi drivers often prefer the Los Achotes route since the road is paved and is easier on their cars.

2. Public Transportation: Flecha/Pasajera... in English this means, local highway buses/ pickup truck-public transport -respectively. The Flecha is the bus that’s highly decorated with fringe and Virgin of Guadalupe statues hanging next to nudie women statues from the dashboard with very loud lively Mexican music playing for your enjoyment. You may be sitting next to an old Indian women with a shawl over her head, kids going to school, somebody who looked like they just walk out of central casting for a great movie about rural Mexico… only it’s real! Catch the Flecha every 15 minutes (till midnight) from behind the municipal market in Zihua. You must ask for the flecha going to Petatlan. Tell the driver you want off at Los Achotes on the Acapulco highway. The cost is 6 or 7 pesos to Los Achotes and takes about half an hour with all the stops along the way. When you get to Los Achotes, jump off the bus and walk about a half a block toward the ocean where you catch the 'pasajera'. These are pickup trucks that are licensed to carry passengers on benches in the back. You hand the driver 6 or 7 pesos and jump in the back with the locals. They leave when they have a full load and go back and forth between Los Achotes and La Barra, a trip of about 10-15 minutes once they leave. They get a full load pretty quickly in the morning until around 1 or 2pm and again leaving La Barra around 5 or 6pm at which time they stop for the day. But there can be a delay filling up between 1-4 or 5 in the afternoon. I've waited an hour or longer during that time. When you arrive in La Barra they let you off only a few steps to your favorite beach restaurant or to Casa del Encanto. Total cost of trip from Zihua is about 28 pesos round trip. This is a real adventure, really fun if you want to see ´the real Mexico' and live like the locals do a little bit.

3. Rent a car from the airport. Make a u turn as if you were returning to the airport. This u turn requires a little care as the entrance back onto the 4 lane is a little odd. There is rarely any traffic so you can go slowly. At a curve of the 4 lane approx 300 meters out of the airport an exit continues straight toward Hi 200 to Acapulco. Take this ‘exit’ in order to make a u-turn and get back onto the 4 lane heading toward the airport. Just before the entrance to the airport, turn left onto the little dirt road just before the entrance to the airport parking lot- just past a little palapa restaurant. This road curves around to behind the airport and meets the beach road (about 2 kilometers). Take a left at the beach and continue until it ends at the village of La Barra (about 10 kilometers). There is only one spot where it may get slightly confusing… where the airport property curves to the left and the road follows it some 200 meters before straightening out again. At the point of the left curving of the beach road, there is a private drive leading to a couple of private beach houses that continues straight. Be sure to stay on the main beach road as it curves slightly to the left. A little farther on ou will pass through a tiny settlement of houses called Los Farrollones (no sign). Keep going. A bit farther on you’ll see a sign on the left side of the road saying Bienvenidos a (Welcome to) La Barra de Potosi. This actually marks the county line and the village is 2 kilometers farther on. The sign is also shortly before where the pavement begins. Continue another 2 kilometers before arriving at the village.

The village of La Barra consists of three little streets on the left side of the road. On the right is a row of little adobe buildings one of which has a sign that says “Deposito”. (The ocean is behind that row of houses.)

To get to Casa del Encanto Village house and the Children's Library of La Barra, turn left onto the middle street of the three streets on the left.
Casa del Encanto is at the left corner of the third and last block of the middle street in La Barra… only a few yards from one part of the lagoon just past it at the end of the block. The little adobe house on the corner of the property houses the Children’s Library (a wonderful project that you might find fun and interesting –I’m preparing a website about it now). The entrance to Casa del Encanto is just past a couple of trees on the right of the Library. There are only three streets in La Barra –all on the left side of the road just as it begins to disperse into the parking areas behind the restaurants lining the beach and lagoon. If in doubt ask anyone for Doña Laura’s house –that’s me!
By the way, if you are staying in La Barra, you can walk to everything and you may not even want to leave! But in case you do want to explore around the area, you will find lots of adventures.
Hasta pronto,
Casa del Encanto
Barra de Potosí

Hasta pronto,

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