Highs n Lows of our 16 day trip

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Posted by Mike from (dsl254-078-182.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net) on Monday, January 07, 2002 at 16:53:42 :

Just back from 16 days in and around Z. 3rd trip..


The weather, the smiling faces, the hospitality.
Brisas Del Mar Hotel-- La Madera. Roberto, Rosa, the wonderful Federico, and the parrot. The new rooms are great.....

Nirvana-operated by kate and Andrew....

Internet access.

Frida the monkey.

Huevos Rancheros.

Empty beaches of Playa Larga and the kind and honest people at Popeyes.

Troncones-Inn at Manzanillo. great food and staff. love the huts. we keep coming back. fishing off the beach. tide-pooling..peace and quiet....

Saladitas, Mahahwa(sp?). fun fun fun. wish the surf was better but you can't win em all.

Las Gatas--Franco. Roberto, Stephano and family. Wonderful company. Just know what the market price is on the catch of the day. Gotta love the puffers.

Scooter rental at the the liquor store. (Great way to get around.)

5 pesos for a can of soda.

The Christmas festival thing at the BBall court.

New Years' on the beach at Patty's w/new friends..

My girlfriend's tan lines.

wahoo, snapper, needlefish, bonita, dorado--they're all in nice n' close. sailfish too, but please practice "catch n' release" as much as you can.

La Madera Rest., Serena, Casa Bahia, Sr. Pintos, Kau Kan and the tamals on Christmas Eve near the BBall court.


Mexico city flight connections.... Lost luggage for 5 days.... Taxi drivers' consistently varying rates.... elements of Ixtapa.... The south end of La Ropa beach and a certain accomodation nearby that didn't quite work out... being billed for places we didn't stay at....Americans trying to pay with USD's and being pushy...waiters w/their menus in your face....
AND, having to leave.


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