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Posted by surfer from ( on lunes, diciembre 09, 2002 at 14:37:29 :

Just back from a 22 night stay at a 2 bdrm / 1 bath condo in Ixtapa, at Continental Plaza.

Background: We are husband & wife on our fifth consecutive year of vacation in Zihua/Ixtapa. We have always stayed in Zihua and this was our first time staying in Ixtapa.

We found the condo through some of the links on this site. There was a half dozen or so to choose from, at the continental. We were very, very, happy with our choice. It was extremely clean and well appointed and it had the most comfortable beds we have slept in our travels to Zihua & Ixtapa. It was quiet, cool, and decent-to-good view. Kitchen was perfect for preparing meals if one so chose. We limited our kitchen duty to light breakfasts & coffee and few evenings of preparing 'blender drinks' to take down to the beach for the sunsets.

We did spend the bulk of our evening meals in Zihuatanejo and did find a few places to eat in Ixtapa that were fine for lunch or dinner. Our dining preference is clean, economical, and wholesome. As we are a fairly active couple we also enjoy places that have larger portions.
Ixtapa: Ruben's - great burgers and right next door to rubens, Los Toscanes - awesome pizza
Zihuatanejo: The far & away favorite is Los Braceros (sp) for tacos, then we liked Tamales Any for tamales, Cafe Marina for pizza and gringo food, after that, we also loved most of the smaller 'off street' taco places we tried. Hornitos (sp)was the best of these.

We also ate at a few of the beach side restraunts in both Zihua & Ixtapa and found them to be adequate-fine, pricey. One notable exception was the Tortilla soup at the Dorado Pacifica off their lunch menu.
Really awesome: 37 pesos, huge bowl w/ fresh avocado slices and a big basket of fresh bread rolls.

We always make sure to have a couple dinners at the restraunt Villa De Selva in Ixtapa. These are pricey but well worth it thanks to the view, service, ambience, and excellent food. Our favorite there was to get a 5:30 reservation, for the sunsets.

Continental Plaza, like all the 'ixtapa strip' hotels shows a little wear and tear from the big tropical depression they had in late August but its not much and all seemed to be plugging away at various painting & drywall projects to get everything back up to where it was. Don't get the wrong impression, you had to look close to see the work projects needed. Overall, clean & fine.

Staff at Continental was very nice and good at what they do. The pool there is nice and was never overly crowded. Definitly more of a 'low key' pool area than the other strip hotels. There was never any of the 'prompting' from the social director to join in a formal game of bingo, or pool vollyball, or beach vollyball .... that you find everyday at the other strip hotels.
There was also zero pressure from the staff to 'buy' things, like trips or tours, or fiesta nights, etc. It appears to be a managment decision to leave the guests alone and let them do what they want.

The ocean was predictably "Ixtapa" which means 50% of the days it is a little too rough for most folks liking. 50% of the days it was calm enough for almost everyone.
If you like to boogie board, body surf, and play around in 6-7 foot waves, it is perfect.
Even on the rough days,
there is about 75-100 feet of the 'white water' area before the 'breakers' that is fine for folks to splash around in as long as they have basic water safety/mobility and pay attention.

One tip, don't be macho or stupid in the waves. If you don't know basic wave/ocean safety ... ask someone. Almost each place has a lifeguard or social director who can show you what you need to know on water safety. Recognise your (or your kids) limitations and if you think it is too rough, stick with the pool or the 'white water area' that day.

I'll finish up this one and try to write a few more on the other things (day trips we did, snorkle trips, hikes, people, sports, differences in Zihua & Ixtapa)

All in all, a great trip.

Hope this helps ...

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