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Posted by surfer from ( on lunes, diciembre 09, 2002 at 18:42:14 :

Just finished with a 22 night stay in Ixtapa and wanted to give info on the sports available.

Every morning was about 2-3 hours of either boogie boarding, body surfing, or surfing at the beach in Ixtapa, or by the rock jetty by Ixtapa's marina, or for surfing, we went up by the river estuary at the north end of playa Linda. The waves were the linch pin of our daily activities and often we would do it again in the evening for an hour or 2 before sunset.

When not in the waves, we found as many different vollyball games as we could, preferably on the sand but we also played many a 'pool' vollyball game as well.

This is where we discovered the highest caliber of sand vollyball was at the riviera.
They have 'just for fun' beach vollyball at almost all of the resorts at various times of day. Almost every day at 4pm-ish, the more competitive 'local' players meet at the riviera to play, and they happily allow most everyone a chance to play against/with them.
The social activities coordinator there is a guy named Fernando and he is a great guy who is a very good beach vollyball player as well as a very good ping pong player. Riviera has a great outdoor ping pong table tucked back into a sheltered & shady corner by the kiddie pool.

There also a lot of beach soccer games to participate in, all up and down the strip.

If no 4pm vollyball games, we hopped a bus to Zihua to the city park "Unidad Departivo" and played court vollyball, basketball, or soccer there. This was a little more structured, (Basketball was all 'pick up' style) and you needed to know a few folks before you got picked to play for a team .... but once you got in with a team, it was a blast.

I would pass on that it is very appropriate that no matter what hotel your at, it is nice to throw a $ tip to the social/activities coordinator if you utilise their services or assistance. Most of them do a good job at organising sports & activities and they all have families to feed as well. nuff said.

Feel free to e-mail me if more specifics needed.

Hope this helps ....

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