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Posted by percy from ( on domingo, enero 05, 2003 at 15:23:43 :

In Reply to: pathway to the lighthouse posted by kristine from ( on domingo, enero 05, 2003 at 10:05:24 :

Hi Kristine:
I hiked to the lighhouse on December 28th when it was about 90 above at 1PM. Just take some water with you. Itis about a 15 minute walk,it is 90% uphill but the nice thing is that coming down it is all downhill.Now this is HOW you get up there.
1.When you get to Las Gatas , walk along the beach to your right about a block.
2. You will come to an eatery called AMADOS.
3. Walk behind Amados, there is a mens/ladies toilet there.
4.Walk past the toilet and about a 1/4 block further is a shanty shack.
5.You will see a path beside this shack.
6. Take this path, it is just a dirt& twig path.
7. DON'T get discouraged, just keep walking along this path for about a block and you will come to a cobblestone your on your way.. the path has been cleared of bush about 3 feet back on both sides.
8. Start walking , pause and rest, and take sips of water, you have about a 15 minute walk.
9. The view from around the lighthouse is super, take some pictures..we did. Walk around the lighthouse. The caretaker may or may not be there.
Good Luck

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