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Posted by Laura from ( on lunes, enero 06, 2003 at 18:06:08 :

In Reply to: La Barra de Potosi posted by Rod from ( on domingo, enero 05, 2003 at 01:53:47 :

Hi Rod,

La Barra de Potosi is a very small and beautiful fishing village located on the south end of the bay of Potosi (the next bay south of Zihuatanejo) -15 minutes south of the international airport serving Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa and 30 minutes south of Zihuatanejo. It is also at the spot where a beautiful 9k wide estuary flows out to the sea. The village consists of three dirt streets and 500 wonderful people mostly fishermen and their children (and one Gringa who has had the pleasure of having been received there with much affection).

Besides being a place of spectacular beauty with the beach and lagoon shores lined with rustic enramada restaurants serving fantastic inexpensive seafood, the lagoon is an incredible ecosystem wonderful to explore by kayak or pango with itīs many mangrove tree-lined canals replete with birdlife. I could go on and on... and have on this message board. So, that means, you can find so much more information if you go to the archives here and type in Barra de Potosi.

You can also go to my website below and you'll see lots of photos and text describing our beautiful Barra de Potosi.

BUT perhaps you mean to ask about the Children's Library Project of La Barra de Potosi we have here -since you mentioned me as a contact person for school supplies. We have this very gratifying project here (presently operating out of my house) that includes collection of school supplies for all the Children of La Barra (95 now) that we distribute in a careful and organized way about 5 times a year (depending on when we have enough to do it). We work with the schools and the village parents here to make sure all the children are included and we know what kinds of things they need. We also gather things for the teachers and the school itself. In addition, we have activities including the lending library itself... Nearly 150 books in spanish now. The kids are loving and really actively using the lending library! We do art projects all the time and have many reading times... one of my favorite pleasures is lying in a hammock with a cluster of kids around me listening to me read a story... or watching other children reading to their friends and neighbor kids. This is life at it's best for me!

Besides this, we organize workshops with the many talented visitors we meet... we have had workshos in music, art, martial arts and many more. Maybe you will want to join in! It only takes an hour or so of time and it's so much fun.

I will be happy to provide you with any other information I can about our project or La Barra de Potosi my home now of many years.
Hasta pronto,

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