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Posted by Curly from ( on viernes, enero 10, 2003 at 12:20:23 :

I couldn't find much about the Hotel Irma, on the web, before we stayed there, and it was a bit frustrating. I plan on doing a more in-depth report on the hotel, complete with pictures etc., so this isn't a full blown report, but a bit of a one. Hopefully, it will be of value to someone, and will pull up easily in Rob's archives.

The short story is that I like the Irma very much. The people are very friendly, the maid service is excellent, it always had hot water for a shower, the view is great, the restaurant is very good, the pools are nice, and it has a great view of the bay, and surrounding area.

A couple of distractions:

The placement of the A/C units: They are right atop the patio, associated with each room and are noisy as all get-out. Even if you turn yours off, when you want to sit on the patio, if someone in a room next to you has theirs on, it's loud. Unfortunate.

We originally stayed on the 6th floor, then asked to be moved, and ended up on the third floor. On the 6th floor, the rooms had no bathroom doors. On the 3rd, they did. I assume that they are installing them in all rooms. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was just the wife and I, but we had the kids along this year, and our room (they had their own) was, as my son put it, "The hip, hop, happnin' place."

The third floor bathroom had some sewer smell occasionally, until I made little covers for the shower and floor drains by folding up some toilet paper, moistening it, and placing it over the drains. It would appear that the floor drains don't have traps, thus creating a straight opening to the main pipes. Not a big problem, and I only mention it, in case someone may not be as cognizant of what the problem is, and not know how to overcome it. Once the drains were covered, the situation was resolved. It didn't present itself when showering, with the covers removed.

That's it for the down side. Everything is up from here on out.

The Irma is in a great locat1on, for several reasons. Itís right between La Ropa, and downtown, making it easy to get to both (the climb back from La Ropa is killer though). La Madera beach is way nice, and we had several great days just hanging out at M.J.& Ritchieís, a place that I canít say enough about. Again, I didnít see many mentions of the restaurant/bar, and that is a shame, as it is a great place to hang, when you arenít staying right on the beach, at a place with its own palapas. A half-day at MJ&Rís, including breakfast for 4, numerous 18 peso Coronas, lounge chairs, palapas, etc., usually came to about $25, including tip. (Side note: Our first day there, we used Elviraís lounge area, as we had just eaten breakfast thereÖ I had one Corona and it cost me 60 pesosÖ SIX FREAKINí AMERICANO DOLLARS!!!) I liked MJ&Rís a lot.

The walk down to the beach, from the Irma, is a pleasant one. I never walked up, during dark, but I donít think it is lighted, so bring your flashlight. It is an easy climb, and well maintained. The walk into town from La Madera is absolutely wonderful. The city has made a walkway all the way from the beach to the canal crossing, downtown. Itís a great walk; level, smooth, scenic and if you go at dusk, or later, you will find may young Zihuatanejo lovers, passing the time in warm embraces.

The restaurant at the Irma was very good. We ate dinner there the night we arrived (three hours late), and one other night, and all the family found the food more than satisfactory. I must say, that Iíve only spent 2 weeks in Zihua, over the last two years, but that makes for 14 breakfasts, and 14 servings of chilaquilesÖ The Irma has the best Iíve found; give them a shot, even if youíre not staying there. I swore by Elviraís before, butÖ The drinks were well poured too, and prices very reasonable.

All of the staff at the Irma was as helpful as can be. From the front desk, to the ladies who did our rooms, everyone always had a smile for us, and seemed very concerned about our happiness. The only other place that weíve stayed in Z is the Villa Mexicana, and it was that way there too, so maybe itís that way everywhere.

Walt told me to bring doorstops, but I forgot. The afternoon breeze is wonderful, when you open both the slider door on your patio, and the front door to your room, but if you donít somehow hold that front door open, itís going to slam with a vengeance. We ultimately used a cooler that we bought downtown, and had filled with ice, cervezas and pops. (Side Note: I left that cooler at the front desk with Waltís name on it, as he was arriving the afternoon we were leaving. I bumped into him in the restaurant, and told him about it. He made sure he got it). Anyway, do yourself a favor and throw a cheap rubber doorstop in your bag, youíll be glad you did. That breeze was FANTASTIC! The noise of the slamming doors, of those without a doorstop, will scare you awake though, as you siesta.

As I said, Iím intentionally keeping this report light. I will do another, perhaps based on this one, and put it up on one of my websites. I have a lot of pictures of the Irma, and the sights from its balconies and patios. Iíll post some of them there.

I hope this helps someone. If you have questions, feel free to email me.


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