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Posted by gayle from ( on lunes, enero 13, 2003 at 22:14:02 :

I wrote a list of things to inform my sister of when she comes in to meet us here and I thought Iíd go ahead and post them here, for newcomers.

--If you are a dingle, donít come here. Go to Cancun, where they actively court dinksóyouíll have more fun anyway.
---Always get the cost, and don't be afraid to ask several times, slowly and clearly, BEFORE you get in the taxicab to go somewhere, like from the airport. I mean it.
--Bring as few clothes as possible; they have stores here if you need them, and you probably won't, because itís hot.
---Ask your co-workers for pencils and pens and notebooks. Bring them all, every single pencil and every single pad of paper. You don't know what poverty is, and your paper is precious in the mountains. Itís not much effort and you probably can use the good karma, canít you? After that New Years party and your deplorable behavior, you surely can! When you get here, ask Zihua Rob, or somebody else who to contact for distribution. They need this stuff in the mountains, and badly.
Here, contact Sandy at, see if she can guide you.

--Bring tampons if you'll need them, they're very expensive here. Also, when I bought them from that cute brown boy I felt embarrassed and shy, and so did he, because we were both thinking about my pale white tourist bits.
--Bring a cheap pillow you can leave here, if you can, because in my experience Mexican pillows are like bags of potatoes, they aren't very fun at all, especially for someone who loves to sleep.
---Earplugs are like gold, sometimes, so bring them. If you are in a quiet part of town you may shun earplugs, because you will be hearing instead the slow susurrus of the waves and the sound of the entire warm sea, spangled with bright stars like a fabulous gown.
---Bring a fan in your airport bag, if you get in on a secondary flight and have to wait awhile in a giant line you'll need it, it's so humid. Better bring a book, too.
---Be respectful. The people here are almost all kindly, courteous, and decent. Do you want to give the impression that people where you are from are uncouth louts? Well, do you? Nope. So letís all be polite and gracious.

Well, thatís all I can think of.
Helpfully, Gayle B.

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