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Posted by Linn from ( on martes, enero 14, 2003 at 11:38:34 :

Installment One-Trip report: Our first visit to Zihua! 8 nights/9days

After this detailed first day, I’m afraid that, as those who have been there know, one lazy, lovely day drifts into the next and then….before you know it you’re on a plane back home. But our first day is in detail!

A friend of mine recently spent a week in Playa del Carmen and he got me thinking about going to Mexico for beach vacation. We live the beautiful Sonoran desert of SE AZ but we don’t have a beach! By the way, Mel and I are in our 40’s, we’ve been married for 4 years…no 2 legged kids…just (2) cats and (3) dogs.They we jealous that they had to go to “camp” instead of the beautiful Zihuatanejo!

When I checked on the AmericaWest website, I was sad to see that they don’t flew to Cancun (the nearest airport). Since my husband has a ton of AmericaWest FF miles and to make this trip doable, that would be the way to go. So after finding the Villa de la Roca website and reading Rob’s board for a few weeks, we were sold on Zihua.

On Dec 27th we took a direct flight from Phx to Zihua…smooth and enjoyable. (First class and FREE...even better!) Before leaving Sky Harbor Airport in Phx we exchanged $ 60 US Dollars for Mexican Pesos.

We felt prepared from this very helpful board to embark on our adventure. This was our first time in a Spanish speaking country as a couple. (I visited Mexico City and Acapulco when I was a kid with my parents) Mel and I got our first passport stamps! Very exciting…ok little things make me happy! Our luggage arrived on both belts in Zihua airport…a little confusing but no problem at all.

Customs was a breeze….got the GREEN light! A gentleman asked my husband to press button (twice) and we all laughed and he seemed as relieved as we were….we later found out if it’s RED, then the customs guy has to open and inspect your suitcase!

As we walked through the doors, a guy informed me that he worked for the Taxi folks but also wanted to tell us about a great new hotel in Ixtapa. After telling him we were on route to Zihua, not Ixtapa and being a savvy travel board reader, I figured this was a timeshare “deal” and we declined his kind offer (he gave me some bologna about his English not being very good….it was perfect! And he probably got his MBA at the U of AZ here in Tucson :>!) No harm done….but the woman at the window, where we paid for our Taxi ride was grinning when she saw our conversation! The trip to Villa de la Roca was $ 200 Pesos or $23 US Dollars….we paid in Pesos and off we went!

Villa de la Roca (Villa on the rocks…also a phase needed for ordering Margarita’s NOT frozen :>) is on the first street down to Playa la Ropa and we told the driver it was next to Casa Que Canta.
The warm, welcoming staff met us at the door and carried our bags up the stairs.To reserve our stay, I contacted Lu Wana Gordon, the owner, you lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Not AZ as I’ve read previously)

They have FIVE rooms (I’ve read on the boards that they have 6…..nope ..five) Almost identical except for unique colors and/or décor….large bi-level suites with king size beds and sitting area below the sleeping area. There are balconies or a patio outside your room as well.Individual AC units and purified water containers are in the rooms. They (I saw 4 of the 5 rooms) all have gorgeous Mexican and ceramic tile with a large walk in shower and the most color décor…beautiful.

Efrain, the gentleman who greeted us, speaks English and gave us a tour. This white, 4 story/level villa is exquisite. Flowers EVERYWHERE…color, color, color and views, views, views!! There are several patios from which to see the bay and La Ropa and it’s BREATHTAKING. They have an open air living room as well as dining room which are lovely and comfortable. And several places to sun yourself on chaise lounges.

It was about 5 pm when we quickly got out of our traveling clothes and into beach attire, met the other guests and made a cocktail. (It’s an open bar that you pay for on a daily basis at the end of your stay) We dipped in the pool and enjoyed the warm breezes and view til almost dinner time.

Our first meal there was scrumptious and consisted of a awesome salad, then homemade carrot soup (I heard and saw the blender as it was being prepared) . The main dish was coconut shrimp with a small delicious squash.It was a little green squash with a “lid” and combined with some wonderful cheese that I later noticed was used in many excellents dishes. (Does anyone know the NAME of the veggie and cheese??) Then some yummy dessert that we were too full and tired to enjoy! (We started our travel day very early…in the wee hours of the morning and it was after 9:30….) So that was our first glorious day....aaaaahhhhhh !

(It’s late so please excuse any typos, spelling and grammar errors!)
Linn :)
in sunny, warm, beautiful Tucson, AZ!

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