Trip report - Part 2 Tips for 1st timers like us

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Posted by Linn from ( on martes, enero 14, 2003 at 22:35:42 :

Part two

Linn here again….note: Wish I had brought a notebook to write impressions at the end of each lovely day.

We started our first full day with cups of hot coffee and tea while taking in the beauty of Zihuatenajo Bay from the patios of Villa de la Roca. I began studying my Spanish in 10 mins a Day book, wishing I had spent 4 months preparing. We studied Spanish everyday and spoke the language as best we could with all lovely people we met. I was determined to not be an “Ugly American” and I carried my little phrase cards everywhere. I got so used to saying my name was “Leeen, from Arezona” that I almost forgot how to say it with an American accent to the Canadians and Americans we met ! :>

Note: We live in Tucson , AZ where many people are either bilingual ( and some monolingual) and I’m embarrassed to say that I no Spanish when we left AZ. It’s crazy to not speak Spanish when my neighbors speak Spanish to their dogs next door!! We only live 90 mins from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico , for heavens sake! My excuse is that I’m fluent in another language and work in that language daily as I strive (and will til I’m dead) to be more proficient. I’m a Sign Language Interpreter and American Sign Language (ASL) is a complicated language, too! :> )

I’ll also reiterate as Rob and other have mentioned that the more Spanish you know, the more fun you’ll have in Zihua! I love to chat and meet new people and I was so handicapped because of the language barrier….my own fault. I vow to learn much more Spanish before returning…and I have plenty of use for it at home as well! I overcame my fear of looking stupid and learned phrases and used them! We had too!! And I made mistake and was gently corrected.:>

My Sign Language came in handy too and natural gestures helped to convey feelings and appreciation. I used the sign for "butter" and got some ! phew….then I remembered the Spanish word…too late! oh well! More soon…..

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