Trip Report Part 3

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Posted by Linn from ( on martes, enero 14, 2003 at 23:19:13 :

Part 3 OK…now for the down side, if that’s possible in paradise….. which was strictly a personal experience! I’m a beach person…I love the beach! I’m like a kid. I go right in the waiting to get hot…I’m there. I grew up sailing on the east coast of the US and went to beach as often as possible but now we live in the desert…..sooooo….

Most of the people we met came from the chilly, wet Pacific NW and Vancouver, BC. All great people! Also a nice couple from the eastern shore of MD and some awesome young retirees from all over the world! This is totally understandable, as I’ve lived in snowy Flagstaff, AZ, Seattle, NY, PA and DC and a little sun would have been very welcomed in the dark winter months.

However, for us…coming from a delightful 65 degree sunny, dry AZ…our experience was different. We live with 100 degree weather for sometimes 3-4 months at a time…..which is DRY (:D yeah, I now all the jokes:> ) We wait all year for the cool temps we’re having now and what do we do? We hop on a plane on Dec 27th and go where is’s HOT and HUMID….but I NEEDED a beach vacation!!LOL!

Mel and I had a wonderful time but we were soooo hot ( I know you folks from Chicago and MN are NOT sympathetic) that we could hardly function! Note: My husband is a South Dakota native and he was really hot too!:>

Everyone I metin Zihua told me that this the hottest, most humid weather they’d ever experience in Zihua at this time of year. One wonderful couple, Pierre and Elaine from Seattle told me in the 32 yrs they’ve beenvisiting … was the HOTTEST! We met many people who visit annually and think of Zihua as their 2nd home. So due to the humidity, which we’re just not accustomed to, we stayed close to the pool, water and Playa La Ropa!!

Sadly, I think we missed seeing lots of sites because of the heat/humidity. When we went over to ck out Ixtapa we were so hot and cranky that we almost had an argument about where to eat (geez) So after a short stay there, seeing the beautiful beach, drinking a gallon of ice water and a quick lunch we hopped in a taxi back to our little piece of paradise! We would have liked exploring there longer but I didn’t want to have a fight with my sweet, loving husband!

When we realized we needed to RELAX and not exert much energy, all was calm and extremely pleasant for the remainder of our vacation.. In my defense, I met a retired couple from Alaska. Josie, a former teacher, was an angel She visitor of many years she filled me in on lots of fascinating info which helped me a lot! Her husband had just arrived 2 weeks after Josie was already thawed and tanned. However he was leaving to fly back to Alaska in a few days….why? because he learned that they had a fresh blanket of snow and it was too HOT for him. His wife was was staying on til March 1st! So for all you frozen Canadians and Americans …..go down and DEFROST in Zihuatanejo…I completely understand! flaming!

Final installment will be positive, memorable impressions. More soon....Linn :>

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