Day 3 Trip Report - Dec. 21 to Jan 5

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Posted by David(in Bellingham) from ( on viernes, enero 17, 2003 at 21:09:41 :

Day 3 Ė

I head for the pier at about 6:00. First stop is the little store in front of the pier to grab some beers, water, and sodas. I bring one of the soft-sided coolers that can be folded up with me each year. It comes in handy for keeping drinks cold when Iím fishing or on other excursions.

Next, I stop at the little table in front of the store to buy tortas for breakfast and lunch. If youíve never had the sandwiches they make there, you should stop some morning even if youíre not going fishing. The bread is fresh out of the oven and still hot, little mini-loafs that are each the perfect size for a sandwich. They have a variety of choices available for fillings such as Ė ham & eggs, eggs & chorizo, bistec, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham & cheese, roast pork shoulder, and several others I couldnít identify. I usually pick up one for breakfast and one for lunch, and I usually bring an extra sandwich or two for the captain Iím fishing with. At 10 pesos each, theyíre a bargain.

After that, I head down the pier and look for Temo on the Secuestro de Amor. Temo spots me coming and starts pushing his way into the chaotic formation of boats trying to pick people up. If youíre an early riser, you should head down to the pier in the morning some time just to watch the show as all the boats move in and out from the pier to pick up supplies and customers. Itís amazing that they donít have many accidents.

After a short wait, Temo pulls up to the dock and I jump aboard. The Secuestro de Amor is one of the nicest most comfortable super-pangas in the fleet. His old boat burned up in the fire at Puerto Mio last year, so he had to have a new boat built from scratch. Itís got padded siesta benches on both sides under the canopy, two fighting chairs, hardwood trimmed rails, a live bait tank, a tuna tube, an 85hp Yamaha motor, a cb, a GPS, a fish finder/sounder, and a useable marine head for the ladies. Temo has excellent tackle as well. Today weíre planning on deep sea fishing for sail fish and dorado, so heís got out the rods with the Penn International 12LT reels and 30 WT reels both with 30lb test, which is lighter tackle than most of the other captains use.

Our first order of business is to track down some live-bait. I always like to bring live-bait, even weíre going to end up killing most of it to use as dead bait. Live bait makes for fresher dead bait, and youíve always got it available if you get into a situation where you can cast live bait to fish you can see. Also, you never know when you're going to find the tuna, and live bait is a must when you're tuna fishing.

Today there isnít any live bait to be found, many of the fisherman who normally work all night catching bait decided to take Sunday night off, and those that worked had trouble finding the bait fish. Temoís deckhand Pancho tries casting a net off of the bow in several places in the Harbor, but we canít find the baitfish either. This morning even dead bait is hard to find, but eventually Pancho talks a commercial fisherman he knows into selling us some.

Now weíre ready to go, so we head a few miles out of the bay and start trolling with 4 dead baits and two rapalas. The rapalas are out to try to pick up some barralette or bonito to use as live bait. We get 4 strikes on the rapalas that generate 4 barralette, but all of them are too big to use as live bait. We give up on catching live bait and are now trolling with 5 dead baits (two on out riggers, one on a z-wing downrigger, and two flat-lined out the back of the boat).

Temo asked me if I wanted to do my own hook setting again this year, but, since Iím still feeling pretty rough from my late night escapades, I tell him to let Pancho handle it today.

We troll for the rest of the day and raise 7 sailfish, but Pancho only managed hook one, a 60-70 pounder that we release after a brief battle. Pancho must be off his game today too, because Iíve never seen him miss so many fish before. This was a really unusual day, when Iíve fished with Temo in prior years, if we raised 7 sailfish, that would result in 6 or 7 hook-ups. This was the last day I fished with Temo on this trip that Pancho was working on his boat.

If you've never been out fishing in Zihuat, you should definitely go next time you visit. Even if deep sea fishing doesn't appeal to you, there are a lot of other options (I'll get into several of them throughout the rest of my trip report) and spending a day on the water is always spectacular. I always highy recommend both of the captains I fish with, Amado and Temo. You can book trips with Temo ahead of time through Ixtapa Sportfishing, or you can usually catch him in the evenings at his cell phone store accross from the basketball court downtown. See my Day 2 report for a discussion of setting up trips w/ Amado.

We get back to the dock around 2:30 and I head home for a siesta.

Later at around 7:00, I head out to El Viraís, a restaurant on the fishermanís walk, to go to a board get together put together by Linda from Canada. By the time everyone showís up, itís a pretty diverse group, but it made for a fun evening. Several of the people there decided to share a trip w/ Hector Olea to Playa Manzanilla. Maybe one of them will post a report of that day. I met Lalo from Edmonton and his crew at the get together, and kept running into them around town for the rest of the trip. Lalo had some great pictures of the Zihuat area from his first trip there in 1974. Lalo, you should scan those pictures and post them on the board.

At some point during the get together we did order dinner. I had a chile relleno, made with a fresh pablono pepper. Tonight Iím drinking Campari and club soda (which has a very low alcohol content). The food at El Vira has always been excellent, and Iíd consider it in the medium price range. For dinner and 3 drinks, I think my bill was around 170 pesos.

Everyone was ready to head out around 10:00 or 10:30. I debated with myself whether I should go out again tonight, but in the end I decided against it. I head back to my apartment at the Sirena Gorda just up the block and go to bed early.

Look for Day 4 on Monday.

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