Trip report - Day one.

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on lunes, enero 20, 2003 at 22:49:36 :

Okay, here goes, hope the links are right.
We arrived in Zihuatanejo on a MLT Champion Air charter from Minneapolis on January 11th, a Saturday, on a very thrifty air/hotel package deal. While we usually prefer to just get air and find our own lodgings in small hotels or condos, the package price was just unbeatable, so we were headed for 7 nights at the Irma again. For unknown reasons, the flight was slow in boarding and we flew out 45 minutes later than the projected early morning departure. Flight time was a little over 4 hours, so still arrived around 1PM.

We knew the drill at the airport – were met by an MLT representative that ushered us and another couple into a cab and sent us off to the Irma. Fast check-in, and soon we are up in our room, 507, one of the end rooms. The room is bright, clean and airy, with a sliding door and screen leading to our private little terrace overlooking the bay. There are good reading lights above each of the beds, and a TV with a few Spanish stations – including one that carried football. The air conditioning is good, though loud. As in most of the rooms, there is no door on the bathroom, but the toilet is around the corner from the bedroom area, so it’s really not a problem. We are not sure if it is unusually hot and humid for January, or if it just took us a few days longer to get acclimated, but it did seem warmer, especially at night, than we remembered from our last trip a couple of years ago. About half the locals we asked said it was hotter, the other half said it was normal, so there you go!

We unpacked a few essentials, changed into cooler clothes, admired the view for a bit,

then set out for Globs Café, only because Jim had read they had cold air conditioning! LOL! Coming from near 0 degrees that morning to probably 95, took some getting used to. And Jim had been battling a cold off and on for over a month, and still had some symptoms that he hoped would be cured by the heat and sun. Globs is a really cool (in more than temperature) place. The shiny chrome and glass, and cushioned booths are a flashback to a classic 50’s drugstore soda fountain. We had an order of pork tacos, a club sandwich and 3 cokes for about $111 P.

We normally bring travelers checks, as they are free through our bank, and we have never had any problems cashing them at banks or the casas de cambio. We had a few hundred pesos left from last years trip, but the banks had just closed at 2:30 (on Saturday) so we decided to see if the ATM’s would take our First Teller 24 bank cash cards. We knew we only had a $1 per transaction charge at home, but were not sure if they would work or if there would be additional charges on the Mex side. (Turns out they worked fine, and no other charges besides the $1.)

We basically just bummed around the waterfront the rest of the afternoon, sitting at the end of the pier watching the boats and bay. The story I heard about this sailboat, was that it was grounded during the surprise heavy storm/hurricane this fall, and the owners never bothered to recover it.

Went to Daniel’s for our supper early and to see if Travel Judy was there. She was, and we chatted a bit about long term housing woes among other topics, but she is one busy lady and soon had to bustle back to work. We had 2 grilled shrimp dinners and 3 cokes (no liquor!) for about $220 P. (all prices in my notes are before tip.) After supper we found the first of the three internet cafes I used. The going rate downtown was $10 P. per 30 minutes or fraction thereof. My favorite turned out to be the one with the fish tanks about 2 blocks further down on Rob’s street. They had a special rate of $10 P. per hour, and maybe it was my imagination, but their computers seemed faster.
When we returned to our room, the lights seemed very dim and the air conditioner had quit working. The balcony door was open, but there was no breeze off the bay and the air felt very humid. Well, we figured we’d shower and go to bed, since no one was going to fix anything this late at night. Jim showered first, and I was just getting ready to when suddenly the rest of the power went off – no lights anywhere in the hotel. Well, that made me feel better – at least it wasn’t just our air conditioner that had blown a fuse somewhere. If the whole place was out, we could assume they would be working on repairs. Sure enough, in about 15 minutes the power came back on full force, bright lights, and AC – whoopee!! Had that shower, then enjoyed the twinkely harbor lights on the balcony for a while before popping off for a great nights sleep.

Yes, the pillows and beds are harder than we are used to here, but one is so pleasantly exhausted at the end of the day that I slept better than I do at home.
Day. 2 to follow.

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