Trip report - Day 2.

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on martes, enero 21, 2003 at 19:30:40 :

Our normal breakfast routine is to head down the hill to Casa Café nearly every morning around 8AM. It is about a 4 block walk downhill from the Irma, and is run by a very nice expat couple and their handsome teenage son. Good coffee and a nice selection of breakfast items, including French toast, omelets and bagels, when available. Their large fruit plate is more than enough for two people. This morning we had French toast, a Lisa special (Mexican eggs and hash browns) 2 juices, 2 coffees and the large fruit plate for $133 P. Then it was on to town, to find a casa de cambio near the waterfront to start exchanging of our travelers checks. The exchange rate was as good as the bank. The downtown was very quiet for a change, since it was Sunday morning and not many stores were open yet.

The local dogs know a sucker when they see one, and they had me pegged right off. I stopped to pet two young yellow lab mix type dogs, I think they might have been brother and sister.

Bad mistake – the female decided that I had extended her an invitation to be my new life-long companion which meant she was coming home with me no matter what! Hoping she would lose interest in a few blocks, I tried ducking into alleys or stores and avoiding all eye contact, but to no avail, she was not going to let me out of her sight. Loud verbal discussion and hand signals had no effect . By this time both dogs had followed us across the footbridge to Calle Adelita. There by the little stores, the male got sidetracked by another dog and we lost him, but the female kept following. How she got through the Irma lobby I don’t know. By this time I hadn’t looked back for the last three blocks, hoping she had gone back to find her brother. No such luck, when Jim got up to the room, he informed me that Miss Dog had come up the stairs to the 5th floor back hallway in front of our door. I was just feeling guilty enough to think about bringing a cup of water out for her to drink when I heard a commotion from the staff , one of the maids calling out for the sweeper guy to get the dog out of there. I stayed hidden in our room, feeling bad for that sweet young dog, wishing there was some way I could have taken her home for real.

Since it was Football Sunday, the plan was to go to La Perla for beach time for me, and the TV bar for Jim.

The place was already pretty full by the time we got there, walking down La Ropa. But we managed to grab a beach lounge and a chair and pull them into one of the few shady spots left. The best shade is usually claimed early in the day by the same crowd of longer stay retirees, but there is always a place to squeeze in. It appears that only those who actually rent the beach umbrellas are charged for the umbrellas and chairs. We went three times, and just got our own chairs from the pile, and no one ever asked us for money for just sitting in the shade under the trees or restaurant palapas. Of course we always ordered drinks and food eventually.

Sunday was fun because of all the local families with their children at the beach.

Service was very slow, due to the crowds no doubt. Since Jim had already eaten in the bar, (club sandwich took over an hour to appear) he sat down to watch our stuff, while I went back down the beach to eat at Paty’s restaurant by myself.

Being really hungry, I ordered guacamole as an appetizer, and fish tacos for my meal. Well, that was too much food. The servings were big, either entrée would have been plenty by itself. That, together with a 7-Up came to $90P. Paty? the owner, came over to see me, as I was eating alone. Though neither my Spanish, nor her English was very good, we had a nice chat. The food was good, the service was fast, and the place was about 1/3 full.

Walked back to La Perla for more swimming, reading and beach watching. The water was so warm and easy to get into – even in the summer, Minnesota lakes never get that warm.

Evening was spent watching the local talent at the town square. There certainly are all levels of talent and participation. The announcer was pleading for anyone to come up, and finally two little girls came up and did sort of a hopping around to some pop music. Later there was a guitarist who was very good, but you had to be near one of the speakers to hear very clearly. There was also a mariachi type singer who had a great voice and sounded very professional.

Got our internet obligations out of the way, then began to think about supper. Neither of us was very hungry. I have an “active digestive tract” even at home, so with the huge rich lunch and the extra grease from the omnipresent chips and salsa, my stomach was feeling a bit off. For no particular reason, we decided to eat at Pizza Locos. I had their tortilla soup – which was excellent, just what I needed, and Jim had a small Hawaiian pizza. Add a lemonade and some beers came to about $125 P. That was about it for the day – trudged back up the hill to Irma, showered, watch the bay for a while and turned in.

Day 3 to come.

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