Trip Report Day 4 - Dec 21 to Jan 5

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Posted by David(in Bellingham) from ( on martes, enero 21, 2003 at 19:36:47 :

Day 4 Ė

This is one of the few days left for the rest of my trip that Iím not fishing, so I decided to get in some quality beach time. I got up at about 9:00 and headed for La Ropa. I havenít spent much time at La Ropa in the past, I usually prefer to head down to Playa Larga, so I decided to give it try today and hang out at La Perla.

I spent the day hanging out under a palapa reading. Throughout the day for breakfast and lunch, I had the fruit plate, a pineapple milkshake, and the flan. The flan was exceptional. For drinks, I decided to stick w/ club soda.

The waves werenít big enough to interest me, so I didnít even get into to water. By midday, the beach started to get pretty crowded, and by the afternoon, it was packed solid with people. It made for interesting people watching, but it wasnít the peaceful beach experience I was hoping for. In the future, Iíll probably go elsewhere when I plan on spending a day on the beach, at least during the high season.

Around 4:00, I headed back to the apartment for a siesta. When Iím at home, I almost never take naps, but when Iím in Zihuat, I fully adopt the idea of the siesta and I usually get some sleep at the hottest part of the afternoon each day. I highly recommend this practice for anyone whoíll be partaking in the available nightlife while in Zihuat.

Around 8:00 I headed back to Florianís Kiosko for dinner, drinks, and backgammon. I really like the vibe at Florianís place, so Iíll probably be spending a lot of time there this trip.

I decided to go for steak dinner tonight. One side of the pavilion in the middle of the open-air restaurant has a glass case with the various cuts of meat available. I picked out a medium size rib eye, and Michelle immediately fired up the grill and got to work on marinating my steak. The cooking area is in the pavilion in the middle of the restaurant, so you can watch your meal being prepared.

I ended up with a very tender steak that had great flavor. I was served with grilled scallions and jalapenos, a green salad, and a potato salad. An excellent dinner for 90 pesos. After dinner, I was given a shot of Mescal (made by Senor Gunnysack) on the house to aid in my digestion.

After dinner I hung out for a while talking w/ Florian and Olga. Later, after the dinner crowd thinned out, I played a few games of backgammon with Michelle. He doesnít play for drinks or money, just for fun. That was probably a good thing tonight. Since I wasnít betting drinks, I only had 3 or 4 throughout the night. At midnight, I decided to call it a night since Iíd be fishing again tomorrow.

Note about the apartments at the Sirena Gorda Ė Iíve commented before, and I may do so again, that the apartment didnít have any hot water. Iíve now been informed that was only a temporary problem and has since been fixed. Iíd stay there again even if it didnít have any hot water, but it sounds like they eliminated the only disadvantage of staying there I could think of.

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