Trip report -- Day Three.

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on miércoles, enero 22, 2003 at 19:17:02 :

Today is Monday, the day we had originally planned to go to Barra La Potosi, but plans were scrapped when neither of us felt very energetic. Who knows what combination of heat, pre-existing conditions, and too much rich food had an effect on us. Jim normally gets up around 7AM and goes for a jog down La Ropa beach. When he got back, he felt mildly dizzy, possibly sinus trouble from his cold and heat stress? As for me, my stomach was acting up a bit and pepto bismol and immodium were already in use. Neither of us was really ill, just not quite up to snuff.

Decided to walk to Paty’s for breakfast, since I had enjoyed my lunch there so much. This is the view from the road through one of the few gaps between the buildings and vegetation on the top of the hill before descending to the beach.

I hauled along my camcorder to tape the beach at LaRopa. I really hate lugging it around, I have to keep telling myself how much I will enjoy watching the beach scenes when I am back home in the cold and snow. We had eggs Mexicana, fruit plate and toast, 2 juices and coffee for about $130 P.

We decided to walk back to the Irma along the street instead of our normal beach route, to look at hotels and housing along the road. Marvelled at the perfectly manicured and huge grounds of Villa del Sol, but doubt we would feel comfortable there. Though I enjoy having beauty in my life, I don’t need or want perfection, and have no patience for being waited on hand and foot. Never realized how far back from the beach the Villa del Sol properties run.

I had been wanting to see the grounds of the “Parthenon” ever since someone had written in a trip report that they had given a guard a few pesos to show them around. But the small path on the hillside was gated and padlocked, and the badly crumbling service road had a big nasty “No Trespassing” sign in Spanish, so my dear husband finally convinced me it was not a good idea to go snooping up there. From what some locals said, it sounded like the Zihua government was going to restore the place. I think they should just leave it as it is – ruins are so much more fun to speculate about – maybe just do some simple landscaping to keep the vegetation under control and charge 50P for tourists to see this monument to personal greed and excess. The best place to view the temple, especially if you have a camera with a telephoto lens, is from the Sotovento parking lot. Unfortunately I only had my video cam along that morning, so did not get any closeups with my digital camera. I think I took this from the fisherman’s pier, but it’s the only photo I have of the Parthenon.

When we returned to the Irma after trudging in the hot sun, Jim retired to bed in our cool air conditioned room, still not feeling too well, while I went strolling and wave jumping down on Madera beach below the hotel. Swimming is fine there. The water and beach sometimes appears muddy because the sand particles are very small and very dark, but in reality the footing is nice and firm, and the water is clear starting about hip deep, where the incoming waves are not stirring up the sand particles. The beach slope is gentle and gradual for a long way out, so it is good for little kids.

I checked out the beach bar restaurant at the far north end (can’t remember the name) – nice manager. Then went into the La Madera Restaurant which some on this board have recommended. The three local boys lounging there knew nothing about the menu, which I asked to see. Though I looked through a large guest book with comments and praise for the chef’s cooking, I was disappointed that no menu with descr1ptions or prices could be found anywhere.

Back to room to attempt to shower off beach sand – what a job! Even places on my body without sunscreen had sand stuck tight or embedded so that even scrubbing with soap could not get it all off. The maid arrives to clean, so we make a hasty exit to find a shady spot on the Irma deck below. I like the cement benches where the steps going down to the beach begin. Good place to sit out of the general activity, and read or observe the beach and harbor.

Decide to stay at the Irma for lunch. $124 P. for beef fajitas and tortilla soup along with 7-Up and lemonade. I had enthused so much over the tortilla soup at the pizza place, that Jim decides to try some for a light lunch. However, the Irma recipe is very different, more tomatoey and an overdose of white sour cheese garnish. We end up splitting the fajitas and soup, half each.
Still not energetic, we stayed at the Irma watching the early evening turn into pink sunset and blueblack night from our room and private deck. Lots to watch on the beach, soccer games, people swimming til after dark. I’m trying to re-read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which I first read over 30 years ago, but whenever I am on the deck, I tend to go into a trance which compels me to just sit and stare out into the water for hours on end.

We decide we are not hungry enough for a heavy supper, but a dose of ice cream would be nice. So off to Globs and their cool café. I order vanilla ice cream, and all I expect is a scoop in a dish. Instead I get a glass desert goblet with ice cream, whipped cream topped with a cherry and strawberry wafer on the side – like an ice cream sundae without the chocolate syrup. Yummy!
Jim gets the 3 flavor combo, and the bill for ice cream and coffee is about 79 P. We do the nightly internetting, then back to our room for bed.

Day 4 to follow.

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