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Posted by MotorCity Dave from ( on viernes, enero 24, 2003 at 14:21:01 :

In Reply to: drive from San Miguel de Allende to Troncones posted by Rob from San Francisco from ( on viernes, enero 24, 2003 at 11:32:54 :

We passed very close to San Miguel de Allende on our drive down to Ixtapa in November. We had stayed overnight in San Luis Potosi, drove south on route 57 to Queretaro, then west on route 45D to route 43 south to Morelia, then west to Uruapan to connect with the new cuota #37 south to the coast. No need to get on the route 15 cuota; the direct road to Uruapan was quite good.

We came within 10 miles or so of San Miguel de Allende at about 11AM and got into Ixtapa around 7:15PM, about 20 miles past Troncones.

For your trip, it might be useful to know how we missed the exit off of the 45D cuota (backtracked 9KM to get back to 43 South; lost 20 min). As you are travelling west on the 45D toll road, you will see a large refinery on the left. At the toll stop just after the refinery, you need to be in the right lane and exit immediately; otherwise, the next opportunity to exit is 9KM further on. Trust me, there's nothing to see in that 9KM.

Route 43 is an old 2-laner that goes right through the middle of villages and the going is slow. Once you get into Morelia, you can expect nice roads again.

The new route 37 cuota road was not completely open yet. Super road for 80% of the way. But we had to get off onto the old route 37 in two places. On the northernmost of these, at the place where old route 37 fords a stream, the roadbed had eroded and the road was blocked. At this point, there was a dirt track diverting off the road to a one-lane concrete bridge section spanning between two sides of the creek, then another (badly potholed) dirt track on the other side. Then back onto the old route 37. We were in a jeep, so no problem with the big potholes. Maybe this is fixed by now - or maybe the creek is dry and you can manage to ford it. Interesting, but passable.

The second diversion onto old route 37 is around the large reservoir as you get down to the coast. In November, this section was badly potholed. Again, nice to have a jeep. Someone on this website later said this section of the old rt 37 had been improved. Through this section, a couple of families that live along the road that had stretched some light cord with cloth streamers across the road. No big deal; just kids looking for tips. We tossed a few pesos without even stopping. Mexican opportunism. :-)

We kept moving and made fairly good time. Uruapan looked like a great little town about the size of Zihuatanejo. Someday, we may stop and stay overnight. Morelia and Queretaro looked big, crowded, and comparatively unappealing. There was also one small town along route 43 - Cortazar maybe - that looked interesting in a small town way; about like Petetlan.

Have fun. Not a bad route. And roads are good except 43 and those two sections of old 37. Fantastic mountain scenery between Uruapan and the coast.

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