Trip report - Day 4.

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on viernes, enero 24, 2003 at 20:45:29 :

Head down to Casa Café for breakfast again. We have eggs Mexicana, bagel and fruit plate, 2 juices and a coffee for $115P. Jim is still not feeling right and thinks it may be due to a month’s long battle with a bad cold. Since he is ready to do anything to get back to a higher activity level, we decide to go hunting for antibiotics in the drugstore. Since he has taken Erythromycin successfully for similar problems in the past, he asks for some in the first small drugstore we come to. The counter clerk looks a bit puzzled, and drags out a big drug book. After consulting it, she comes back with a box of Ampicillan for about $20P. Not what we wanted, but at that price, why not if that’s all they have? We also buy a bottle of Caladryl calamine lotion for a couple of itchy bug bites $23P. We walk down a few back streets and come to a larger drugstore. Yes, they have Eritromicina – Lilly, Ilosone, 500mg for $167 P. Great! He will stash away the ampicillan for later use. One thing to note, don’t expect that drugs will necessarily have dosage instructions on them. This one says to take per doctor’s orders. Also, there is no detailed package insert like we are used to, with all possible side effects and disclaimers, although there are some contraindications on the box itself. I am DEFINITELY NOT advocating that anyone else self medicate.

It is still before 10AM so the streets are relatively quiet and easier to investigate before the crazy drivers start in. Funny how human nature is the same everywhere. There are probably the same percentage of speedsters, tailgaters and lane changers on US commuter freeways, but it appears to be worse when you’re an uncertain visitor on foot in the middle of it all. The streets near the waterfront which are closed to most through traffic are a welcome relief, and are beautifully planted. They obviously are more tourist oriented, but the benches and décor are very attractive.

I go to check out my woven rug store. A sleepy cat is on the chair in front.

Lots of nice woven things, but nothing strikes my fancy today. Here is the Escher-like fish rug that I bought last time. It is big, about 3’ x 5’, and the second I saw it, I knew it was made for me!

We happen to walk by the movie house, and they are showing “Frida”!!!! We’ve been waiting to see it, but not surprisingly, it never came to our local movie theater in northern Minnesota. We decide to come back for the 4:30 showing.

Head back to Irma for a brief rest, then pack up swimming and reading material for another trek to La Perla Beach Bar Restaurant again, about a 15-20 minute walk from the Hotel Irma. We find a shady spot near the back and drag over our chairs from the pile again.

We order a club sandwich and guacamole with some pop. Much later, when we are getting ready to leave, the waiter brings the bill which is around $250 P, which seems way more than we spent, but Jim pays it anyway, since we really didn’t keep track. I go in the water for a final dip, and when I come back, Jim says the waiter came back with apologies and a refund and said he brought the wrong bill and we really only owed $75 P. for the meal. Didn’t charge us for the soft drinks. Pretty nice, eh? We cut the beach time a little short, as we wanted to get back to town for the 4:30 matinee. Have to step on it to get back to our room, shower and change, and dash downtown.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience. We look sadly at the empty popcorn machine, but the attendent says “Microwave!” and in no time she has popped a bag into the little microwave oven, and we have fresh popcorn! The tickets (I think, as I forgot to write it down) are $25 P each, and a bag of popcorn and 2 lemonades is only 7 P. (?) We have trouble finding the seating entrance – don’t try to go up the stairs! There are only about 14 people besides us, in a very large, well ventilated room – no wonder they don’t use the big popcorn maker in the afternoon. Our timing is perfect, as soon as we find our seats, the lights dim. The power fan system is terrific. Feels like a pleasant breeze all during the movie – very comfortable. “Frida” is such a great movie to see while in Mexico. We thought it might be dubbed, due to the popular Mexican subject matter, but it was in English with Spanish subtitles. We don’t know enough about that period in Mexican history to know what, if any liberties were taken with historical fact (did Frida really have an affair with Trotsky?) but we intend to look into it when we get home.

Movie over, what to do? Too late to go back to room and back again to town for supper. Not very hungry yet due to popcorn and lemonade. We wander around and argue about where to go for supper. I want some authentic local food, while Jim, who hates tomatoes and hot peppers, fears I will choose some place that will have nothing he wants on the menu. Guess who wins? We go to Tamales and Ayatoles Any. Actually it was Jim’s idea, after he got tired of my whining and crabbing.

The head waiter/manager? is very kind and helpful to us. We explain we are not very hungry and ask him for suggestions on some non-spicy foods. He explains to us that real Mexican food is not made to be ultra spicy and that condiments and spices are served on the side so everyone can adjust the heat to their taste. Jim decides to go with a chicken vegetable soup, while I order the chicken posole. (Pozole – posole, I’ve seen it spelled both ways – which is correct?) The waiter even suggests I order the child-size portion , and it was plenty big for me. Since I have never had posole, the waiter explains the correct way of eating it, adding the onions, green chiles, radishes and spices to taste, and taking a bite of the puffy pork rind with each bite of posole. This is goooooood stuff!! I’ve never had it before, but I sure plan to have it again!! It seems odd to put radishes in a hot soup, but the crunch and taste fit perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. Bill before tip is $130 P. Great food! We head for home and decide that if we feel okay in the morning we are definitely going to Barra.

Day 5 to follow – we actually DO something!

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